Fun Wand on Ice in Right Corner

Njoy Fun Wand Review

God I love metal. The sound of the steel clasp on restraints being secured… how cold the metal of a toy can feel as it first touches your skin… the weight of it as it slides into you… When it comes to metal sex toys, I cannot recommend Njoy enough. They create high-quality stainless steel […]

Buck Off: Burn Your Idols (And Your “Silicone Blends”)

A lot of folks have brought Buck Angel’s new product to my attention – the Buck Off, made by the manufacturer Perfect Fit. According to the product description, this is “the first product designed specifically for transmen to engage in stroking fun”. It is made from Perfect Fit’s SilaSkin™ which is a “proprietary blend of […]

Banner for the Dildorks, featuring Bex and Kate

September Spotlight: The Dildorks

The Dildorks (Podcast) Do you love nerds? Sex? Podcasts? If you don’t, I don’t really know why you’re reading my site! So you may know Bex and Kate from their blogs, but for those who are unfamiliar with them, they’re my favourite duo. They both blog about sex and review sex toys, are brain-twins, best […]

You’re Invited to Bex’ Spanking Party!

Did you know that Bex is turning 25 soon? Because they are! They’ll be spending their birthday in Toronto and, because Kate is the best, they’re getting a birthday spanking party. How cool is that?! The party takes place this Saturday, September 17th, at 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. I will be one of the […]

An Ode to Foreskin – Tantus Uncut #1

Dear foreskin, I love how fun it is to stretch you with my fingers, to peel you back from a hard head with my mouth. I love to stimulate that exposed head right after orgasm and delight in the reactions of the over-sensitive penis-owner. I love making you do ridiculous, non-sexual things. I also love […]

The Best of: August

Holy cow – I was a busy boy this month. Which kind of surprises me because I feel like I was bored quite frequently! I’ve discovered that I love writing these monthly reviews, they make me feel so much better about what I’m getting done because it reminds me of all my little accomplishments from […]

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August Spotlight: A Couple of Kinks

Welcome to a new feature of my blog! Once a month I will be featuring someone/thing who creates content about sexuality, feminism, consent, etc. Basically anyone who is rad and I think you should know about! Want to get featured? Contact me! I’d love to discover new people. Now – on to August’s Spotlight! A […]

My Collar

The Best Of: July

July was a little bit slow on my end but despite that, some noteworthy things happened… Sex/Kink/Public Nudity The month started off with my dominant in town. As you may know, I only get to see him 3-4 times a year, so understandably his visits are always a highlight for me. While he was here, […]