The Best of: June + #SoSS

June Adventures! #SoSS: Saturday, June 29, 201 June Adventures! Welcome back to my monthly review! It’s been a minute (first one since 2018? Weird). Last month ended on a…fairly negative note; I’ve been involved in a lawsuit for approximately four…

Fucking Closure

I visited an ex the other night – we’ve seen each other a few times since the break up, and it’s been awkward, distant, lonely, but nice, I guess, that we were able to exist in the same space together….

Food Fight!

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned or as hoped. Sometimes too many roommates being around stops a scene. Sometimes sudden illness, surprise visitors, or conference stressors do. Sometimes a scene takes about a year to actually come into fruition….

Womanizer DUO Review

Even in theory, I have never been a fan of toys that use air pulsation. They’re a nice concept, but they’ve never seen – or felt – like something I personally enjoy receiving. My experiences trying out a couple of…