What’s Feisty Fox Films?

Feisty Fox's logo. It's a cartoon drawing of an orange and white fox that is winking. Its head, front paws, and tail are poking out of something that vaguely resembles a vulva.My fascination with how the human brain and body work has lead me into the fields of sex work and sex education, where I have been working since 2011.

The original plan for Feisty Fox Films was to have it be a combination of my sex/kink education and my porn company’s work (thus “Films” in the title), but I’m on a long hiatus from filming and we’ll see if that restarts down the road. If you want some porn, you can head to my clips store; this site itself is currently for sex and kink education.

Here you will find product reviews as well as essays on mental health advocacy, trans and sex worker issues, relationships, BDSM practices/guides, and sexual assault awareness and prevention. I am also working on building more resources specific to the sex-ed community and a couple community-building projects, which will be featured soon.

I have been a guest on The Dildorks and Sex City Radio, moderated a Sex Talk Tuesday, and appeared in Cosmo. This site has ranked in the Top 100 Sex Bloggers in 2016 and 2017 through Molly’s Daily Kiss, and in Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes in 2016.

I teach workshops publicly, privately, and at conferences, and have been featured at major conferences and events across North America including the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Dark Odyssey’s Winter Fire, the Playground Conference, the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, and Sexual Attitude Reassessment seminars.

Who Am I?

Taylor J Mace lying on the floor wearing black thigh highs with lace tops, black lace underwear, and a decorative gold chain accessory on their chest and shoulders. They are on their back, head tilted slightly away from the camera, left hand resting on their shoulder and right hand resting on their crotch. Their left knee is raised, pointing directly at the camera, while their right knee is lower, still off the ground, pointing away from the camera.I’m Taylor J Mace; a white, nonbinary, transmasculine sex worker who is chronically and mentally ill. I’m queer, polyamorous, a primarily-Dominant switch, and live below (and occasionally around) the poverty line in Toronto, Canada, though my work is known to take me elsewhere.

I am a full-service sex worker, a kink provider, and a porn performer/former porn producer, as well as a photographer who focuses on boudoir, erotic, and/or ad photos for sex workers (also headshots, sex toys, and more! I like taking photos that make people feel good about themselves). I am also a former intern with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in the States!

My photography has appeared on Girly Juice, and The Notice, and a short video I filmed, Hold Music, has been screened internationally.

I like cats, coffee, cuddles, and cash. I take my clothes off on the internet and teach about being consensually cruel to cuties, among other things.

Contact me to work together!

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