Policies & Disclaimers

I have compiled a quick-list of various policies and frequently asked questions for you to please read over before contacting me! This page was last updated in September, 2018.

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Affiliate Programs, Linking, and Banners
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Affiliate Programs, Linking, and Banners

I am an affiliate of a handful of sites. What this means is that, if you use my affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn 10-20% commission from your purchase. This percentage comes out of the store’s pocket, not yours! This is a great way to support my site while getting yourself a great new toy and without costing you any extra money!

I only join the affiliate programs of stores/manufacturers that I trust and would recommend. I do not join programs simply in hopes of making money, I only join sites that I would personally feel comfortable shopping from. That said, some of my affiliates may sell toys that are toxic/otherwise not body-safe, so please keep safety in mind.

If you’re going to use my affiliate links, I kindly request that you clear your cookies first or else the transaction may not go through.

Speaking of those links – if I’m linking to a sex toy, there’s a 99% chance I’m using an affiliate link. Every post will contain either an affiliate link, a link to my Patreon, a note that it is a sponsored post, or some combination thereof.

All banners in the “affiliate” section of my sidebar include affiliate links to the store.

Review Items

I love writing reviews! At this point in time, it is very rare that I will review a sex toy unless it is sold through one of my affiliates or I am paid to review. Kink gear or toys are much more likely to get an exception than a vibrator, dildo, or butt plug.

No matter what, I will make a note at the bottom of the review saying either that I received the toy for free or that the review is sponsored. My review will remain honest and unbiased in both cases! I want you to be aware of the toy’s potential flaws before spending money on it, if possible, and I know that my favorite manufacturers want to improve upon features that reviewers critique.

As mentioned above, the links in my reviews are, almost always, affiliate links and therefore you purchasing through my links earns me a bit of commission. To be clear – this costs you nothing! I am more than happy to help you pick an item to buy in exchange for shopping through my links; contact me to discuss this further! I realize that sex toys aren’t cheap and don’t want you to end up with something crappy, toxic, or just not right for what you’re looking for. I have the advantage of having spent a lot of time and energy learning about and trying all sorts of toys – let me put my knowledge to use for you!

I strive to have all reviews up within 6 weeks of receiving the product, though sometimes delays happen. If you have not heard from me by the end of the six week period, I apologize! Please feel free to send me a follow-up at any point – I want to sort out any potential issue as quickly as possible.

All reviews are honest; me receiving a free product does not guarantee a positive review. All sponsored material will be denoted as such. (I know I already said this, but it deserves repeating!)

Note: any conditions you may have in terms of the review MUST be spelled out clearly prior to sending my item. I reserve the right to deny any requirements made after that fact and retain the item. That said, please feel free to let me know privately if you feel I have made any errors in my review and I will take that under consideration. Should changes be made to the review after posting, I will a) mark that it has been edited and b) promote the post indicating that something has been edited.

For obvious reasons, my legal name is not used on this site, neither is my mailing address. If I have to provide you with these details for any reason (sending me an item for review, affiliate program, advertisers, etc), you are agreeing to maintain confidentiality and not share this information with anyone without my explicit consent. If you cannot abide by this rule, there is a 0% chance I will continue working with you. I will link you to this page before we agree to work together, and I expect you to read and abide by it. Any and all questions or concerns should be brought to my attention immediately so that we can avoid any issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Items that I’m most interested in reviewing are: vegan kink items, non-leather fetish/sexy clothing from a nonbinary perspective, and small anal toys. I am open to reviewing a wide-range of other items (including ones that are not sex-related), so please do get in touch even if you’re not offering the above. I reserve the right to not review any and all products that you send as a surprise or without confirming with me in advance to shipping the package.

Email reviews@feistyfoxfilms.com for review opportunities.


There are three main ways that you can hire me to advertise for you:

  • Sponsored Posts/Reviews

All sponsored posts are written by me, all links have nofollow attributes, and all posts are denoted as being sponsored. Please do not try and get me to budge on this.

I’m happy to pitch ideas to you or write about a topic of your choosing! In either case, I will require a signed contract (which I will provide) as well as an upfront deposit of 75% of the agreed upon rate.

If you rely on things like racism, sexism, whorephobia, transphobia, ableism, sizeism, and/or homophobia in your social media presence or your website, I will still work with you…but I’m going to be pitching topics like “Ethical Advertisement in the Sex Industry” and may use quotes from your site to denote what not to do. You have been warned.

If you’re sponsoring a review, you must also provide the item that I’m reviewing!

Note: any conditions you may have in terms of the post MUST be spelled out clearly prior to signing the contract. I will be writing the contract to reflect the terms of our unique arrangement. I reserve the right to deny any requirements made after that fact and retain your money. That said, please feel free to let me know (privately) if you feel I have made any errors in my post and I will take that under consideration. Should changes be made to the post, I will a) mark that it has been edited and b) promote the post indicating that something has been edited.

Get in touch! Prices start at $140 (discounts for multiple posts apply).

  • Social Media Ads

I would be happy to write about your site on facebook, twitter, instagram, and/or tumblr!

All material is written by me. I may agree to use an image supplied by you, or I may take my own.

I require full payment before I will show you the social media ads I have crafted. You will be signing a contract that I have created based on our terms. All terms must be spelled out clearly before you pay me.

All social media ads will be denoted as such (with #ad or #sponsored) – this is mandatory as per the FTC guidelines and I will not budge.

Send me a message! Prices start at $20/tweet or $40/Instagram photo (discounts for bundles apply).

  • Sidebar Banner or Text Ads

You can also buy ad space in my sidebar! This can either be a banner or a text link.

I do not guarantee clicks. By agreeing to purchase ad space, you do so with the knowledge that you may not receive any clicks at all, and this is due to many factors, not exclusively my site’s traffic.

All terms must be agreed upon before sending me my payment and the contract, which I will write for us. After I have received the filled-out contract as well as my full payment, I will post your ad.

Contact me! Prices start at $50/6 months for a text ad or $40/month for an image banner (discounts for longer lasting ads apply).

In every case, certain rules apply:

  • All sales are final. Any items sent belong to me.
  • You will be signing a contract.
  • All terms must be spelled out and agreed upon before you send me money or sign the contract.
  • I reserve the right to deny any and all requests made after the contract has been signed.
  • Payment must be made before I deliver my end of the agreement.
  • All material will be written by me.
  • All ads will be noted as such (and have nofollow links), as per the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Reposting my Work

First, I’d like to make sure you know that all images and materials – including text! – contained in this website are the property of Taylor J Mace and Feisty Fox Films. Any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. To obtain permission, you must contact me.

Re-posting the entirety of any of my blogs, reviews, or other material is strictly prohibited. You may link to my posts, of course, or quote up to 5 sentences. If you do so, I ask that you credit me either as Taylor J Mace or as Feisty Fox Films and that you link to my website. I would also like to point out that it’s Taylor “J” Mace, not Taylor “J.” or just “Taylor Mace”. I know, it’s a minor difference but there’s a reason behind it and it actually makes a difference.

If you want to share any of my work in print or regram any of my Instagram posts, I require that you contact me to obtain permission.

If I find that you have copied my work without permission and/or without credit, I will be contacting you about copyright infringement. If you do not remove the work in question, I will be contacting your webhost directly to file a copyright infringement complaint.

I’m flattered that you like my work, however there’s a difference between linking to a post you like and copy-pasting the entirety onto your own site.

Guest Posts

I do not accept guest posts on my site, though I will do a sponsored post.

You may, however, hire me to write a post on your site! Please send me an email with what you are looking to hire me to write, when you would require it by, and what your intended method of payment is. If you offer to pay me in exposure, there is a very good chance that I will not reply. Sorry, but I don’t have the time for that and I enjoy paying my bills.

All terms must be agreed upon before you pay me, I will supply a contract to sign if you don’t have one yourself.

All sales are final

Interviews, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

I’d love to discuss this! Please contact me with the following details:

  • What the topic is
  • What you expect from me (in terms of time commitment, any requirements you may have, and when my deadline is)
  • What medium this will be in
  • Where this will take place

And I will get back to you ASAP regarding my availability and any follow-up questions that I may have.


If you’re contacting me about a personal matter (sex or relationship advice, help selecting a sex toy, etc), please use either Twitter for short questions or email for anything more in-depth.

If you’re looking for advice regarding your business (sex work, a product, website, etc), please email me and keep in mind that I will charge a consulting fee. I am happy to discuss rates with you and make an arrangement that works for both of us.

Meeting in Real Life and Sending Me Erotic Material

I go to events when I can, and if you’re in Toronto’s sex positive community, chances are good that we’ll run into each other at one point or another. Come say hi! I’d love to meet you and chat while there – just be mindful of certain things such as the fact that I like to give consent before being touched, even non-sexually.

Flirts are welcome if the energy is right, but as far as dick pics, nudes, art, erotica, etc, goes, please just ask first. I know that I take my clothes off on the internet all day long and write about shoving things up my vagina and ass, and I’m flattered that you wish to send me something! I’d just like to consent to it first as I’m not in the mood 100% of the time.

If you want to meet me in a more private setting, please contact me and we can discuss rates.