Taylor J Mace

Taylor J Mace
Photo courtesy of Cherrystems.com

Hey there! I’m Taylor J Mace and I’m a nonbinary (they or he) trans guy who gets off on enthusiastic & clear consent, sex ed, and creating accessible spaces (and sex spaces!). I’m political, feminist, and very vocal about my beliefs. I’m a kinky, polyamorous, queer, nerd who also happens to make feminist porn, review sex toys/porn/sex-related books, and dabble in other areas of sex work.

I am fascinated by how the human brain and body work (can you fit an entire forearm in your butthole? Can you orgasm through getting caned alone?) and I’m fascinated both by the similarities and differences that people have from one another. I’m not afraid to tell a store that I am absolutely in love with their toy and how they marketed it but I’m really frustrated that they’ve labelled the DILDO as a toy “for women”. It’s a dildo. It can go in any hole you want it to.

My process is fairly straightforward; I drink lots of coffee, stick things in holes, get asked by my partner if I’m watching a murder show or watching porn, yell at my him about the things currently in my holes, and then jot notes based on the things I’m yelling whilst the murder/sex sounds play in the background (it’s just sex, promise).

You can find me on facebook, twitter, tumblr, fetlife, or instagram. My snapchat can be purchased for $10/month or you can subscribe to my Patreon to support me and get some fun perks!