CrashPad Series Episode 196: Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati

Run Time: 22:23
Downloadable Format: mp4 720x1280p
Extras: 69 Pictures and a behind-the-scenes video (4:59). A transcription of the BtS section is coming soon, according to the website
Produced By: Pink and White Productions
Tags: Anal, ejaculation/female ejaculation, oral, face sitting, 69, fingering, eating out, multiple orgasms


“Daisy Ducati and Arabelle Raphael perform some radical self-care.

“Exhausted from fulfilling other people’s fantasies, Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati come to the Crash Pad to kick off their shoes and rest. Sex workers have desires of their own, however, and these two long to fuck someone pretty on their own terms… soon Daisy is riding high on Arabelle’s face, and tension-melting orgasms are had by all.” – Keymaster”

Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati in Crashpad Episode 196

The intro to this is incredible. For the first 1:58, Arabelle and Daisy talk about how they’ve been working very hard filling other people’s fantasies and sleeping with straight men but are constantly left feeling…unfulfilled. They may be having lots of sex and orgasms, but they haven’t been getting what they really want – “to fuck someone pretty”.

As a sex worker I DEFINITELY get that. I love what I do but sometimes I just want to sleep with someone who isn’t a cis gay (usually) man and have it be about more than their fantasy.

After they start kissing, a lot of the dialogue is a bit hard to hear, especially with Arabelle. They joke adorably about Daisy’s superpower – her ability to keep her boobs in her very small top all day as they strip and continue to make out and I can’t help but grin because I was wondering how she managed that.


There’s a lot of giggling and teasing, slowly touching each other, and a LOT of hair. It occurs to me that I don’t normally watch porn where both people have long hair and it’s surprisingly different. I like how often they go from moaning to laughing and back again – they seem to enjoying themselves a lot and I always prefer watching people who don’t treat sex as The Most Serious Thing Ever.

At one point (8:40-11:10), Daisy is sitting on Arabelle’s face being eaten out and fingering Arabelle’s pussy and Arabelle is making some REALLY hot sounds into Daisy’s vagina!

Later (12:18) Daisy grabs an original Hitachi – what is that decal she added to it?! Amazing! – and Arabelle fingers her, working three fingers into Daisy’s pussy until she ejaculates suddenly and rather explosively.

This video is tagged as being ‘anal’ on the CPS’ site but it doesn’t seem like it actually has any other then Arabelle rubbing the outside of Daisy’s anus at one point and a small amount of rimming.


Technical side: the lighting is really even between camera angles, and the transitions are smooth. Audio of the action is great, though the dialogue is a little bit quiet. A phone goes off at the end (21:54) in the video which was just noticeable enough for me to replay the scene, wondering if it was in the video or coming from my partner’s phone.

NOTE: I tend to find CPS’ cuts to the Keymaster watching to be distracting and rather annoying. This time I barely noticed (I think there were only two cuts, one about halfway through and one at the end).

The Behind the Scenes footage includes goofy dancing, belly drumming, and post-scene chatting – Arabelle has a microphone now so you can actually hear her! They talk about fingering with fake nails, safer sex practices, why they do porn, and getting cat hair out of clothing. Each question they ask each other is separated with a brief outtake from the video and I am so glad they included the camera showing Arabelle’s reaction to getting hit in the face when Daisy ejaculated because I really wanted to see that in the original footage.

You can stream it or download it here.

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.