December Spotlight: Coffee and Kink

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Coffee and Kink (Blog)

Coffee and Kink's logo; a full, red coffee mug sits on light grey wood. next to it there is tan, soft-looking fabric. On top of the fabric there is some undyed rope on top of the fabric that is bent int a heart shape before forming a loop around the coffee mug.Coffee and Kink is a British sex blog run by Amy, a polyamorous, submissive switch whose blog includes reviews of toys, books, kinky items, and apparel, plus articles and essays on all manner of topics – from kink to non-monogamy, sex and relationships, erotic fiction, and personal stories. However, it isn’t divided into categories – everything is just nested under the “blog” tab – which makes it a little challenging to navigate if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

A description of the various partners and metamours that she frequently talks about on her site can be found on her About page, alongside links to her “good for beginners” posts (both reviews and essays), some of her personal favourite pieces, as well as a detailed explanation of what her values are, how her website came to be, and why this work is valuable for her.

My favourite pieces by Coffee and Kink are her kink guides/essays. She writes clearly and eloquently on subdrop, listing 25 different ways to help combat said drop; how hard limits can change; and on ways of playing safely other than just safewords. Her piece on D/s breakups made me cry, as I know the feeling of giving up or back a collar and the utter sense of failure on my part when I did so. On a non-monogamy front, I love her piece on why relationship hierarchies can be good. There are so many more that I could highlight – she wrote about 115 posts in her first year of blogging! Holy crap! Seriously, I am so impressed with the fact that she managed to do this. This is my 67th piece this year, which I feel great about. The amount of in-depth, quality posts that she’s managed to create in her first year alone astounds me – I am definitely looking forward to seeing what more she creates down the line.

You can find Coffee and Kink on Twitter, Fetlife, or on her website. She also has a Patreon!

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