Spareparts Hardware Joque Harness


I have tried a wide-range of harnesses and this is definitely the best I’ve found. Once adjusted to fit, the Spareparts Joque stays in the right place regardless what position you’re in – no need to pause the action when you bend over or stand up! My biggest pet-peeve when it comes to harnesses is constantly having to adjust this strap then that one as I move; it really highlights the fact that the penis is not attached to me which, as an FtM, can sometimes trigger my dysphoria a bit. You don’t need to worry about that with the Joque – your dildo will stay where you put it until you want it to go away.

It is also incredibly adjustable in both the waist and the legs, meaning you can easily share it between two people with extremely different waist-lines. The waist-band is thicker than average for a harness, making it more comfortable especially for larger people.

With the jock-strap style, you can wear it with your packer or dildo and can still receive penetration in either hole without having to remove it which is a really wonderful feature. I can’t stress enough how lovely it is to have the option to top your partner and then have them play with you without having to stop and fumble at straps.


If you’re looking for a good harness to wear under your clothes all day for a packer, this one may not be ideal as the top strap for this one is a little bit too bulky to be worn under most pairs of pants (I recommend looking into RodeoH harnesses if you want one for that purpose). It is okay if your waist-line is at the larger end of the size range as the Velcro doesn’t double-over as much but if you’re in the middle or small end of the size range, the extra bulk makes a big difference.

There is a spot for a small bullet vibe on the inside of the Joque which I personally have never used as I dislike using this feature but the option is there if that appeals to you!

Unfortunately, the O-ring isn’t interchangeable and thus while it fits a lot of dildos/packers, you cannot use it for toys with a diameter of more than 2 inches.

They also have the Spareparts Deuce which is the same model except with holes for two dildos instead of one.

Overall, this is definitely worth every penny. I’ve had mine for 3 years (and use it often) and it’s still in like-new condition. It’s machine-washable, too!

Buy it from Goodvibes or Come as You Are!