Monthly Spotlight

What is the Monthly Spotlight?

This feature that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month and is designed to highlight a blog, vlog, or podcast that is under a year old. There will occasionally be other folks featured here as well, such as porn companies or artists, but the main focus is to highlight new people within the sex education community. If you’d like to be featured, please reach out!

Previous Spotlights

  • Taryn from Ace in the Hole

    As you (hopefully) know, I’m all about diversity both within and without the sex blogging community, and I also love to celebrate the new folks who are doing great work. I am pleased to introduce you to Taryn, author of the wonderful blog Ace in the Hole, which was started in January of 2017! Taryn is an asexual, biromantic, white cis woman who writes about sex through the lens of asexuality – something you really don’t see very often. Her goal (as stated on her About page) is to “to provide more education around how asexuality can coexist with sex, dating, relationships, masturbating”, and she has compiled a great Asexuality Primer/FAQ page for you to peruse.

  • Phallophile Reviews logo, featuriing a bunch of multicoloured flowers.

    Felicity, the blogger behind Phallophile Reviews, started writing in May of 2017. For someone who has only been around for a few short months, she is really making an impression on me. The first piece that I read by her was on how dildos have made her better at handjobs, which includes a few beautifully composed grab-the-dildo pictures, an ode to foreskin (which obviously I’m all for), and a good joke about her ability to open a pickle jar. What more could you want?!

  • A graphic of Kelvin Sparks, a white-appearing man with black hair and facial scruff, wearing a crew cut shirt. The background is lilac and covered in roses and rope.

    Meet Kelvin Sparks, an intersex trans man who is a sex blogger, erotica writer, and toy reviewer based in the UK. He is bisexual and predominantly dates and/or fucks other trans folks, and has a wide-range of experiences from monogamy/non-monogamy, vanilla/kink, topping/bottoming, and more. He also has worked as a sex worker in the past, which I personally would love to hear more about because I have seen so few trans men talk about that before (other than myself)!

  • For those who don’t know Carly, AKA the Queen of Wands, she has been a sex educator at the Pleasure Chest on and off since 2010, and she now has a site of her own – complete with one of the absolute best titles in the industry, in my opinion! She describes herself on twitter as being a “Professional Pervert. Total Nerd. Sex Blogger. Queer, Poly, WOC. Just here glorifying obesity”, and that’s a pretty good summation of what you can expect to find on her site.

  • A Couple of Kinks Logo

    This blog is run by Rebecca and Andy, a lovely couple who happen to be fellow Canadians. They created their site at the end of February, 2016, though their twitter has been around a bit longer. They are friendly and funny and have definitely made quite the impression, despite being relatively new to the scene.

  • Insert Trans Here

    Insert Trans Here is a new blog (started in August, 2016) and run by a queer trans woman in the States. She wanted to find toys that worked with her body (both now and as her body changes through her transition) and found a lack of other trans women writing reviews. Like many of us in the industry, she therefore decided to start doing reviews of her own in order to help others in a similar position.

  • Coffee and Kink's logo; a full, red coffee mug sits on light grey wood. next to it there is tan, soft-looking fabric. On top of the fabric there is some undyed rope on top of the fabric that is bent int a heart shape before forming a loop around the coffee mug.

    Coffee and Kink is a British sex blog run by Amy, a polyamorous, submissive switch whose blog includes reviews of toys, books, kinky items, and apparel, plus articles and essays on all manner of topics – from kink to non-monogamy, sex and relationships, erotic fiction, and personal stories. However, it isn’t divided into categories – everything is just nested under the “blog” tab – which makes it a little challenging to navigate if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

  • Fuckleberry Finn logo

    Like me, they have found that there aren’t as many transmasculine bloggers as they would like, thus part of why they decided the step in. Their About page states something that I have always found to be true as well (one of my own reasons to initially get into blogging):
    “Vulvas, especially clitorides, behave differently when exposed to testosterone, and there are specific ways that social pressures that interact with sex and gender in regards to transgender people. I feel like talking openly about these issues will encourage trans people, particularly transmasculine people in my case, to augment their sex lives and talk more openly about sex and sexuality.”

  • Banner image for Idols of Sheela. There's a messy assortment of candles, rope, dildos, rocks and vibrators on a table

    Idols of Sheela is a sex ed site written by Lizxnn Cobalt Chrome. Lizxnn is many things; a first-aid instructor, a certified yoga teacher, and an adult sex educator; as well as a queer, non-binary artist and witch based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s a kinky, polyamorous, and demi-sexual femme who is fascinated by “BDSM, relationship dynamics, and personal development in pleasure and awareness”. Her blog is a dedication to her path with sex and relationships, with a focus on the role that sex toys play.

  • Banner image saying "The Siren" in red with a riding crop diagonally intersecting the words

    The Siren has pieces on how her feminism has and is evolving, and how she orgasms through literally everything no matter what; which is going to become a mini-series on the markers of ‘good sex’ with partners, and the second addressing the same in sex toys (both personally and in general). I’m pretty interested to read her thoughts on that!