Monthly Spotlight

What is the Monthly Spotlight?

This feature that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month and is designed to highlight a blog, vlog, or podcast that is under a year old. There will occasionally be other folks featured here as well, such as porn companies or artists, but the main focus is to highlight new people within the sex education community. If you’d like to be featured, please reach out!

Banner image for Idols of Sheela. There's a messy assortment of candles, rope, dildos, rocks and vibrators on a table
August Spotlight: Idols of Sheela
Idols of Sheela is a sex ed site written by Lizxnn Cobalt Chrome. Lizxnn is many things; a first-aid instructor,
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Banner for the Dildorks, featuring Bex and Kate
September Spotlight: The Dildorks
Do you love nerds? Sex? Podcasts? If you don't, I don't really know why you're reading my site! So you
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Coffee and Kink's logo; a full, red coffee mug sits on light grey wood. next to it there is tan, soft-looking fabric. On top of the fabric there is some undyed rope on top of the fabric that is bent int a heart shape before forming a loop around the coffee mug.
December Spotlight: Coffee and Kink
Coffee and Kink is a British sex blog run by Amy, a polyamorous, submissive switch whose blog includes reviews of
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Taryn from Ace in the Hole
May Spotlight: Ace in the Hole
The monthly spotlight is a feature that takes place on the second (sometimes third) Monday of every month and is
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Banner image saying
July Spotlight: The Siren
The Siren has pieces on how her feminism has and is evolving, and how she orgasms through literally everything no
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A pair of pink lipsticked lips above pink writing saying
October Spotlight: Risque Views
The spotlight is a feature that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month (or at least
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