Ohmibod Adverture and Cuddle

A double review! I was going to post these separately but there was a hellofalot of overlap in what I had to say so here you go.

I got two toys from Omibod’s “Lovelife” line and have some issues with the marketing. Each toy in this line is named after something the founders believe are crucial to lasting relationships – there’s Cuddle and Adventure – the two I’m reviewing here – and also Smile, Discover, Dream, Share, and Flex. I find the names to be…a little gross, but tolerable. All the toys are made in a light pink colour with white handles and they seem to love putting giant heart shapes around the controls. And the barcodes on the boxes. And on the descriptions on the boxes. And…you get it. They like little white hearts everywhere. The boxes are also bright pink, though not a colour match to the vibrators. One thing I DO like about the boxes is that they have a cut-out on the front that is the exact shape & size of the toy inside (if you want discrete, you will not get it). Inside the pink box is another box, this one pink and white in a giant pattern with more hearts. Inside THAT is the toy and the manuals with – you guessed it, more pink and white, and more hearts everywhere. They also come with a white satin pouch and a USB cord to charge (takes 2.5 hours). I personally find the packaging to be extremely distasteful, and combined with the names of the toys it’s extra-unpleasant. Maybe you’ll like it? Personally I feel like the design of these is geared more toward high-school preppy girls than adults wanting to have a good orgasm but again, this could just be my take.


Each toy has 7 scalable pulsation patterns and 6 levels of intensity and I very quickly was able to figure out which patterns I wanted to use and which I will never, ever even accidentally turn on.


Speaking of turning the toys on, let’s talk about the controls for a minute. There’s a plus, a minus, and a ~ shape inside the heart that makes up the controls. Do you think the plus sign turns it on and the minus turns it off? Nope, you’re wrong. That’d be the wavey sign. Each button makes a definite click when you hit it and, if you want to adjust the intensity, don’t bother trying to press and hold.


They are satin-y smooth which makes them quite easy to clean and – thankfully – means that they attract less pet fur!

This line was released as being an option for affordable but still good-quality silicone vibrators – something which is a bit plus as a lot of less expensive vibrators aren’t worth buying. The main thing that the Lovelife line gave up in order to keep the toys affordable is that they aren’t fully waterproof, they are splashproof only. Do not submerge them in water and be careful to avoid the charging port when cleaning. This won’t be a big deal for most people but is definitely important to keep in mind.

Now, on to the specific toys!



I keep trying to use this one as a regular dildo instead of the g-spot dildo that it is and my body simply won’t let me. Once I get it in place and the vibrations are on, my muscles clamp down around it as if telling my hand to stop trying to thrust and use the toy the way it was designed to be used. I’m the sort who prefers to see just how many uses a toy can have other than the design and the Cuddle does not work as a regular dildo nor as an anal toy. It’s designed as a g-spot dildo and it is good as one.

The Cuddle has a pretty strong motor in it and, while it is a little bit buzzy, the vibrations are deep and travel through the toy very well, even when inserted. You can definitely hear a difference to the pitch of the vibrations at the different speeds and it isn’t super quiet but not overwhelmingly loud, either.

I am not super excited by g-spot vibrators usually (most of my partners don’t have one and I usually prefer external vibrators) but I really did like this one. It is thicker than a lot of g-spot vibrators (big plus in my books) but still fairly petite and the curve is just the right size to instantly hit the right spot.

This toy could almost get me off on its own, which is pretty great considering my preferences and the type of toy it is. Add a butt-plug and I was instantly set.

One thing I should note: At the base of the insertable part of the Cuddle, it says “Ohmibod” in raised lettering. Not something you notice when using it, but take extra care to clean that spot.


You can buy the Cuddle from GoodVibes.



I was nervous about this one. It is very anatomy-specific and these basically never work for me. I mean, they’re hard enough to get right if you aren’t on hormones that make your clit reach a size the companies obviously aren’t expecting!

Amazingly, this one basically worked for me though. I had to adjust things a little bit so that my clit wasn’t squished awkwardly but it the curve to the front prong fit surprisingly well over the front part of my clit!

The anal part of the Adventure annoyed me. It didn’t quite reach far enough to actually sit in a pleasant spot but it reach JUST far enough that putting in any sort of anal toy wasn’t really an option.

The vibrations are strong, and they are rumbly. It is a lot quieter inside you than holding it in your hand but it is definitely a lot louder and lower-pitched than the Cuddle is. Each prong has its own motor but they cannot be controlled independently, unfortunately.

To thrust with it I’ve found I need to use both hands – one to thrust and the other to keep my clit in roughly the same spot – and while I really enjoy it, it isn’t quite enough to get me off but is a nice warm-up toy.

This is the only dual/rabbit vibe I’ve ever tried post-testosterone that has even come CLOSE to working with the new shape to my anatomy so I love it for that, even if it can’t quite give me an orgasm (more external, less internal vibration, please, or else get rid of the anal prong!)

You can buy the Adventure from GoodVibes.

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.