August Spotlight: Phallophile Reviews

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Phallophile Reviews (blog)

Felicity, the blogger behind Phallophile Reviews, started writing in May of 2017. For someone who has only been around for a few short months, she is really making an impression on me.

Phallophile Reviews logo - features nine differently-coloured dildos standing up arranged from left to right with the words "Phallophile Reviews" written in red across the frontThe first piece that I read by her was on how dildos have made her better at handjobs, which includes a few beautifully composed grab-the-dildo pictures, an ode to foreskin (which obviously I’m all for), and a good joke about her ability to open a pickle jar. What more could you want?!

After that, I checked out her guides on how soft/firm you want your dildo to be and one on picking suction cup dildos/how to make a non-suction cupped dildo stick to the wall. The first one taught me a lot, and is a great resource for comparing multiple toys will feel if you’ve never touched them.

She exclusively reviews silicone dildos, though is soon going to expand to include other silicone items, and has a strong preference for g-spot toys, so her information is very specific and catered to that type of product. From alien dildos to hyper-realistic ones, Felicity has you covered!

Check out her site, find her on twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, or Google+!

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