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Playground Conference, February 2018
Sex Ed a GoGo speaker
Playground Conference, February 2018
Intersectional Dating panel
Winter Fire, February 2018
Playful Domination workshop
Winter Fire, February 2018
Creative Pain workshop
Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, September 2017
Playful Domination workshop
Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, August 2017
Sex Blogging and the Law skillshare
SMUT in the 6ix, 2016
Lived Experience, Intersections, & Representation panel
Playground Conference, November 2015
Creating Your Own Porn panel
Playground Conference, November 2014
Gender and Kink panel

Down For Whatever, 2018
Holiday Special
Fetish World Podcast, 2017
Sexy Mall Santa Fantasies
Metro UK, 2017
Why do Some of us Have a Santa Fetish?
Girly Juice, 2017
50 Hot Ways to Ask For Consent
Cosmopolitan, 2017
How to Have Sex With a Double-Sided Dildo
The Dildorks, 2017
Episode 45: Taylor-Made
Dangerous Lilly
, 2017
Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Toys
Girly Juice, 2017
Pain, Punishment, & Pretty Girls at The Ritual Chamber (photographer)
The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, 2017
Word of the Weeks: Docking, Enbyfriend, Frotting, Epispadias and Hypospadias
Hold Music, 2016
The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, 2016
Word of the Weeks: Flirtationship, Stone, Throuple
Daily Xtra, 2016
Is Oasis Aqualounge’s Club Policy Transphobic?
Girly Juice, 2016
Beating the Stigma (Introductions, Dominance, Safe, Sane, and Consensual,
Trauma and Recovery, Sex 2.0, and Aftercare)
Sex Talk Tuesday, 2016
Twitter guest moderation on trauma and kink
Sex City Radio, 2016
2016 fundraiser
Sex City Radio, 2015
Alternative Porn
The Torontoist, 2015
Behind the Scenes With Toronto’s Pornographers

Playful Domination
Traveling Tickle Trunk, April 2018
The Nookie, October 2017
Kink Toronto, July 2017
The Nookie, June 2017
Good for Her, May 2017
Introduction to Impact Play
Kink Toronto, June 2018
Venus Envy, December 2017
The Nookie, June 2017
Impact Play Level Two
Kink Toronto, July 2018
Service 101: From the Bottom or the Top
Venus Envy, December 2017
Good for Her, October 2017
Creative Pain
Kink Toronto, October 2017

Tell Me Something Good, 2015
Guest Judge See and Be Seen
Naked Boys Reading, 2015
“Jingle Balls” edition
Tell Me Something Good, 2015
Guest Judge Feminist Porn Awards Special
Tell Me Something Good, 2014
Guest Judge Giving Thanks
Naked Boys Reading, 2014
Toronto World Pride