September Spotlight: Pleasure Connoisseurs

The spotlight is a feature that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month and is designed to highlight a blog, vlog, or podcast that is under a year old. There will occasionally be other folks featured here as well, such as porn companies or artists, but the main focus is to highlight new people within the sex education community. If you’d like to be featured, please reach out!

Pleasure Connoisseurs (Blog)

Shelly stands in front of a floor to ceiling sigh that says "Bedroom Kandi boutique parties, stimulated, educated, liberated, Pleasure Connoisseurs". Her body is facing sideways and she is looking at the camera and smiling really big. She is Blackk, her hair is straight, pulled over the shoulder that is facing the camera and she has side bangs. She is wearing all black and holding a bundle of something white and pink that you can't make out in her arm.Meet Shelly, the ‘captain’ over at Pleasure Connoisseurs! She has a cute little aviation-themed site, is a sales rep for Bedroom Kandi, and, like me, has interned with the CSPH as a social media intern!

Shelly loves to engage with other people in the industry – bloggers, stores, manufacturers, it doesn’t matter – and will often feature them on her site or link to their pieces within hers. It’s nice when you’re reading a piece on a topic that you’re interested in to have the author direct you to additional pieces on that topic; this is something that I’d like to start doing more of in my own work (thanks for the tip!). You can read more about how she got here in her piece on her Sex Ed Journey; personally, I always love hearing people’s backstories, why they decided to pursue work in this industry, and how they overcame their past to get here, and Shelly’s story is no different.

Her pieces range from why sex ed is important (and what happens when we don’t have access to that information) and toy reviews (even us reviewers benefit from reading other people’s thoughts before getting a toy! I know I’ve made the same mistake as  well!) to the importance of paying for your porn (something I feel very strongly about, too!) to partner abuse and more.

I found her piece on abuse to be particularly powerful;  Shelly discusses how her history of abuse does not make her weak, or negatively impact her self-esteem at all; how she overcame thinking like “I’ll never allow myself to be treated like that”, and how abusers aren’t always abusive, how it can sneak up on you. These messages are so very important. She talks about how this abuse isn’t going to make her quit fighting or give up on her dreams.

You can find her on her site, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, facebook, and google+!

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