5 Favourite Memories from Woodhull SFS17

TW: kink, pictures of intense bruisings, talk of fisting

I was fortunate enough to make it to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit this year (SFS17), thanks to people who generously donated to a crowdfunding campaign, and my two sponsors, Lovedreamer and Betty’s Toy Box.

Going to conferences is a great place to network, as well as a place to learn from your peers. Learning and teaching happen at all times, not just during the official workshops, and some of the “unofficial” events tend to be some of my favourites.

Knowing that, read on to find out what some of my favourite SFS17 memories were! I’ve decided to skip my Month in Review post once again in favour of Woodhull because, well, 90% of my MiR post was going to be about SFS anyway, so…..

Lizxnn, top left, smirking, her hair falling over her right eye, wearing a blue/black lipstick and a black dress. Taylor, top right, is naked except their collar, grinning happily. Sugar Cunt, cottom center, is wearing a nuzzle but they are squinting in a way that shows they are smiling.
Lizxnn (top left), Taylor (top right), SugarCunt (center bottom)
    1. Fisting Party
      It’s been a while since I’ve taught fisting. It’s been even longer since I’ve had a nice, long fisting session in front of an audience.SugarCunt and I had discussed us getting together for some private fisting times, before word got out about this plan ans folks wanted to watch. Then our private fisting event became a #fistmas party, which was even more fun!

      The evening started out with me using a slew of toys in Sugar’s cunt, then we progressed to the fisting! After I got the great joy of stretching them out, we invited our friends to come join. I taught a few of them how to fist, assisting by gagging Sugar with my ass (NSFW) and holding the vibes (NSFW).

    2. Fear play
      Fear is one of my biggest kink motivators – as either a dom or, especially, as a sub. I want my heart to be beating faster and even the potential to form words to be gone and my attention to be so very narrow and focused just on what is happening now and what is coming next. Where it doesn’t matter if a bad thing actually happens to me or not, because I think it’s going to and I’m terrified.I don’t often get a chance to indulge in fear play as the submissive because, well, I don’t submit to many people and I only get to see my dominant a few times a year. On the first night of SFS, I had a fantastic fear-based scene with Mr Blk from BlackPomegranate that, while it probably only lasted 20 minutes, just fucking destroyed me. As the first face-to-face scene I had done with him, I have only great things to say about the scene, how it affected my head, and how he orchestrated the whole thing. Is fear play your thing? He teaches workshops on it (along with Ms Pom, his counterpart). And I highly recommend that you go learn from him.
    3. Networking
      Conferences are a great place to get to know folks in your industry. I got to meet so many of the people I’ve only known online, rub elbows with toy makers and store owners, hopefully meet some new friends as well.From meeting up-and-coming toy makers (and testing their prototypes), getting on podcasts (I was on Down for Whatever! Episodes are released once a month, mine is not yet live), going to after parties, hanging out in the blogger lounge and making new friends…there were so many great opportunities to make better connections, and I loved doing so. I made some amazing new friends while there, who I won’t tag because I’ll inevitably forget someone and would hate to make anyone feel left-out.
Insert Trans Here's butt and thighs, covered in bruises, wearing purple lace underwear. A pinkish-red model of the clitoris rests on top of her bum.
Insert Trans Here‘s very bruised bum on the last day of SFS17.
  1. Teaching Insert Trans Here about impact play
    I had the absolute joy of rooming with Insert Trans Here this year. Aside from being an absolute delight, she also disclosed that she had never been beaten before (but would like to change that).She asked me if I would be willing to be her first, and I basically jumped for joy. It turns out that she has a delightfully high pain tolerance, and she and I had so very, very much fun testing that limit, and showing her what aftercare and affectionate, loving domination feels like.
  2. Product testing prototypes
    There were two toys that are not yet on the market that I had the pleasure of testing this year. One of which was a simply delightful silicone flogger with weighted ends. That I’m going to buy about eight HUNDRED of when it becomes available, because it really was that good.Even though I’ve been reviewing toys for years, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying a prototype and giving feedback on it. I’ve never given feedback that I KNOW is impacting the direction the manufacturing of a toy goes – sometimes reviewing toys feels like shouting into the void, and you never know if the manufacturers are paying attention or even care, so it was incredibly satisfying to watch a toy maker literally taking notes based on the feedback I gave.

Thank you again to everyone who generously donated to my crowdfunding campaign, and my two sponsors, Lovedreamer and Betty’s Toy Box, for making this possible!

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