Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator

I offered to review the book Solosexual by Jason Armstrong not really knowing the subject matter more than “it’s about masturbation”. I began reading it at a coffee shop and quickly had to put it down. I was not prepared for the amount of raunch in this book.


When I got home, I began to devour the book. In the span of two days, the book was finished. I had made notes as I went along but the main thought in my head the entire time was simply “…christ.”

“…christ” because I am fairly certain that this is the raunchiest book that I have ever read. Jason Armstrong is unapologetic. He is upfront about his experiences, the kinks, the fetishes, all of it.

Solosexual is not simply about masturbation; it is a love story from one man to his penis about the joy he gets from it. It’s an insight into a world not oft-talked about; not just the world of masturbation but the world of solosexuality; the preference of masturbation over other forms of sexual activity; edging over and over again for hours on end. Jason writes this book in hopes that it will be relatable both to Bators and non-Bators alike, and he definitely succeeded.

Even though this book is a worshipful account of cis cock, it is not alienating from the perspective of a person who neither has, nor wants, a cock. Jason bears his soul (and body, as he includes a link to his xtube account which you will definitely want to peruse) not only about his love of masturbation but of his religious upbringing and the sexual shame he battled due to it; his struggle with OCD; Bate culture; and a brief history of masturbation itself. In the latter chapter it occurred to me that I’ve studied sexuality extensively both in school and out – the history of various things, different cultural views on it, etc, but I don’t think we ever discussed masturbation as more than a passing thought.

Solosexual is riddled with exclamation marks, which is a bit unusual for a published book, but it’s a very nice touch. Not only does it read like Jason speaks, but it makes his excitement and pleasure over the topic very palpable to the reader; you can really tell just how much he loves what he is writing about and that enthusiasm, that energy, is infectious.

You may have noticed that I never reference reading erotica. The reason for that is simple: I basically never read it. I love having it read to me by someone I find attractive, but usually when I read it myself, I get very little sexual pleasure from it even if I’m into the subject matter. With Solosexual, I found myself powering through the book, rushing to read more. I’d say about half the fetishes described in the book are not ones I share, but I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I became more and more aroused by the descriptions as well as confused by said arousal.

Finishing this book, I want more. More videos. More writing. I want to know more about how Jason engages sexually with others now; how does that look with Bators? What about non-Bators? I want to know how the masturbation retreat went. I want to see what this entire process looks like and talk to more Bators and, just, damn. I’m curious, I’m intrigued, and I can’t wait to read more by him. Here’s hoping for a part two down the road!

(For an idea of what his sessions look like, check out Jason’s free xtube videos)

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.