Tantus Realdoe Stout

I have never really wanted a penis. Sure, there are things I don’t like about my vagina, but I have never given even a small amount of thought to the surgical options of getting a penis. That said, I’ve been curious about the realdoe/other strapless strap-ons in a more academic way; do I have the pelvic floor muscles needed to use one of these successfully? Will I feel a weird connection to it? So I asked Tantus for one in order to satisfy my curiosity…and then promptly forgot which toys I was getting.

When the package arrived, I was pretty excited to see what was inside. I wasn’t super hopeful about the Stout, I figured I’d need to use a harness with it and that I wouldn’t have any strong feelings either way. Then I put the bulb end inside me.

I don’t know what it was about it but it immediately felt good. I looked down and was thrilled with the colour match, with all the realistic details such as the veins. Thrilled with how it points up like a real erection does, with how it felt when I moved around (the inner bulb feels really good when you move as it rubs against your g-spot). I didn’t have time to test it more thoroughly than that so I put it away and left for work and was surprised to find my brain frequently coming back to think “I can’t wait to test the Stout”.


I took pictures with it! Click here to see them (NSFW).

Eventually I got around to testing it first vaginally on myself (the bulb makes a very good hand-hold) then anally on my cis male partner.

It is made from Tantus’ 100% ultra-premium silicone so it has a lot less give to it than their dual-density toys do, being more firm than the hardest erection. I feel as though I don’t need to say this with a Tantus toy but there is no smell to it when you get it! Even though it is made out of the same material than some of their other toys (such as the B-Bomb), it is not sticky. Due to all the ridges the toy has, it will pick up some lint but not very much, making it easy to clean.

When using it on my partner, it took a bit of getting used to. Initially it was a bit awkward as I didn’t know how much I could trust my pelvic and kegel muscles to keep it in place – after all, I never do any kegel exercises – so I moved slowly, legs tight together, hoping it wouldn’t fall out of me. After a little bit I grew more confident and was able to move around and thrust more naturally. We tried in doggy style, missionary, and with him on top and the only time it slipped a bit was when he was riding me at the very, very end, and even then we could both tell that it had slipped and so we were able to quickly put it back in place.

The bullet vibe did nothing on his end and, as always, I wasn’t thrilled by it either. Due to the toy’s girth and length, it easily hit his prostate with each thrust.

I have tried a variety of harnesses and strap-ons before and I’ve enjoyed them immensely, but haven’t actually gotten any physical pleasure from the act of fucking someone. Between how the inner bulb rubbed my g-spot and the three ridges rubbed my clit, the Stout was able to make me orgasm from fucking my partner which was a really incredible feeling!

Pros: Very realistic veins and slight foreskin. When using it on a partner, it rubs your g-spot in a very nice way.

Cons: This is a heavy toy; weighing in at 1.20 lb so you need strong pelvic floor muscles in order to use it without a harness and for some the weight will make it inaccessible, even with a harness (lighter model being the Realdoe; 1.16 lb). It’s very firm, which is good for some but others prefer toys with a bit more give.

This toy is available in lots of sizes – there’s the Slim, Original, Stout, and More, depending on your preferences.

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.