Trans Men Adventures

NOTE: This video is hosted on a site that described trans women with words that I do not agree with. When I reviewed this video, it was sent directly to me and so I somehow never noticed how it was tagged. I am very much not into this terminology being used, even for marketing, and understand that a lot of my viewers may not want to see those words, either. Proceed with caution if you follow the links in the review.

Overview: These four scenes are extremely clichéd and cheesy. If you’re looking for serious porn, this isn’t it. But if, like me, you enjoy goofy, this-feels-real porn, Trans Men Adventures is definitely a good one!
Safer Sex: Condoms only. Cum swapping in two videos.
Audio/Video Quality: Good video quality, sound is a little off sometimes. The music is upbeat and fun, but often a bit too loud, making it difficult to hear the voices, and there is a lot of loud background noise in the third video.
Directed By: James Darling and Michelle Austin
Produced By: FTM Fucker and Kennston Productions
Additional Filming by: Courtney Trouble and Amy Bexxx
DVD Cover Photo shot By: Amy Bexxx
Total Runtime: 104 minutes
Extras: Bloopers and photos


Scene One: A CHANCE WORKOUT with Chance Armstrong and Michelle Austin

This scene starts with Chance Armstrong topless in the gym, lifting some pretty hefty dumbbells, getting nice and sweaty before coming home (wearing a shirt gloriously emblazoned with the words “dick binge”) to Michelle for another sort of workout (wink wink!).

Upon arrival, Chance immediately starts blowing Michelle, getting her nice and hard before she goes down on him, treating us to a knee-weakening blowjob scene. She later fucks him doggy style – he leaves his glasses on, which I always find irresistible – while slapping his ass.

At one point, he grabs his feeldoe and fucks her with it. She then returns the favour. I love watching people get fucked with their own cock.

The two cum simultaneously. Michelle cums on his chest, licks it off and then they make out, cracking jokes about the quality of his second workout and the “protein shake at the end.”


Scene Two: DORM ROOM FUCKUP with Fritz Von Fuckup and Michelle Austin

Fritz Von Fuckup plays a dormitory don who has had it with Michelle Austin’s constant flouting of the rules. When he catches her with a copy ofPlayboy and she admits her fondness for pussy, her punishment takes a slight turn.

Fritz shows off his pussy. He is pleasantly surprised when Michelle shows him her cock, and immediately asks permission to suck it. The pair end up stripping fully (with the exception of Fritz’s dorky don’s lanyard) and fool around on the bed.

After blowing each other for a while, Michelle fucks Fritz from behind, resulting in some unspeakably sexy shots of his ass in the air.


Scene Three: MR & MRS BEAVER with James Darling and Michelle Austin

After a long day at work, lucky James Darling is treated to a Coke and a nice, long blowjob from his wife, Michelle Austin (who is dressed akin to a geisha without the white facial makeup…?). Like every good partner should, he eagerly returns the favour and they spend a while teasing each other before he gets on top and rides her. The audio in this video is probably the poorest on the DVD: between the music volume and the random background noise (are they on a construction site?), the sounds James and Michelle make are unfortunately drowned out in several parts. Michelle later fucks him from behind until she’s almost ready to cum. She pulls out and jerks off all over the small of his back, then licks it up and makes out with him, letting him enjoy the taste as well.


Scene Four: GRIND HOOKUP with Parker Reed and Michelle Austin

It’s Michelle’s first time using Grindr and luck is on her side when the adorable Parker Reed shows up at her door. The pair gently make out while slowly stripping one another’s clothing off and then go down on each other. In this scene, Michelle has her PA piercing in and it looks great!

Parker gasps lustily as Michelle fucks on the edge of the bed, including from behind with his head buried in the sheets. When she is close to cumming, she pulls out and jerks off onto his face – a scene which took several minutes longer than I, and I think Parker, expected – as he strokes his cock.


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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.