Vixen Creations Nexus Sr.

Nexus Sr-4

Never having used a double-ended dildo, I got the Nexus Sr and the Realdoe Stout at the same time in order to try two very different styles of “harnessless” strap-ons.

This one comes in a clear plastic storage tube which you have to bend the toy a bit to get it inside. I don’t like storing toys in containers that don’t let them sit naturally so this storage device was quickly discarded (for those who want/need discretion, the plastic is also prominently stamped with the Vixen Creations logo).

The first thing I noticed was how pretty it is. It’s not one solid shade of purple but rather a nice mix of shades, almost scale-like in the design. The curved end is thinner (max diameter of 1 ¼”) has some subtle bumps for added stimulation whereas the straight end is thicker (max diameter of 1 ¾”). Both ends have a circumcised penis head at the end of it, which I thought was a really nice addition to the curved side. It’s pliable and has a nice amount of give to it when you squeeze it which makes it a bit more forgiving for insertion while not being so soft that you have to struggle getting it where you want it. There is no weird smell to it and it doesn’t maintain any sort of smell post-use in a vagina or an anus.

My only complaint about how the Nexus Sr looks is that the center where the two ends joins together is a little bit bulky and literally looks as though two individual dildos with a harness-compatible base were fused together.

Nexus Sr-3

Now, onto the practical part of the review!

I have some mixed feelings about this toy. I used it first as a dildo, and then attempted it as a strap-on both with and without a harness.

As a dildo, I love the straight end. It’s got a nice thickness, is very smooth, and you can easily insert the entire length into you. When using the straight side on yourself, the curved part makes a very natural handle which makes it easier to control the strength and speed of the thrusts. When I eventually added a vibrator, I was able to orgasm quite effortlessly (my masturbation usually includes a lot of “put a plug here and a dildo there and a vibrator here and actually maybe that plug instead, and…” so toys that get me off well and with minimal fuss are always note-worthy).

The curved side was nice but a little bit more unwieldy. The curve near the base of the dildo made it awkward to insert the entire length into you (maybe it’s just the shape of my vagina but I’m not sure how it would be physically possible to get the entire length into you and have it still be comfortable? 1) – I was able to comfortably get about 4-4 ½ inches in my vagina which is less than ideal for me, especially if the toy is a bit slimmer. I added my favourite vibrator and butt plug and then was able to get a decent orgasm from it. Not a great one, but I was happy with it. The straight side of the toy does not make quite as good a handle for masturbation as the curved side does.
Nexus Sr-6

Both sides were good for masturbation, but the straight side of the Nexus Sr was most definitely my favourite. With this in mind, I went to test the toy as a harness-less strap on.

It points rather low; more akin to a semi-erect penis than a fully erect one. Again, I am not comfortably able to take the entire thing in me. I didn’t end up using this one on my partner as I could tell that it wasn’t going to be enjoyable on my end. We tried moving the toy so that the external penis was pointing higher and this proved to be uncomfortable due to how it pushed the internal part back. Attempting to insert the curved end fully made the angle worse, removing part of the toy to improve the angle made it impossible for me to hold it in my vagina so I tried to use it with a harness instead, hoping that would improve things.

It wasn’t compatible with two of my three harnesses due to them having backs on the part where you put the dildo. I was able to insert it into my Joque harness but because the Nexus Sr is also inserted into me, the Joque sat a LOT different than it normally does. This made me able to hold it in place a lot easier and it didn’t slip around when I walked around but it still was kind of uncomfortable for me in a way that I could tell would only be made worse if I actually fucked someone with it.

Overall: this one didn’t work for me to wear and fuck someone but it’s good as a handheld toy either for yourself or on someone else (specifically the straight side!). If your insides are shaped differently than mine, you’ll probably have better luck fucking someone with it.

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.


  1. I have given this toy to a friend of mine who reports that they love the curved side, it sits very comfortably in them. They love how it feels and prefers the curved side to the straight side. So if your vagina is shaped differently than mine, perhaps this will be a better fit for you!