Vixen Creations’ Tex

This is my first toy made out of VixSkin or other “real” skin. It has been on my list for a while just never happened. Introducing: Tex. Made of 100% Platinum silicone, it really does feel shockingly life-like. It’s initially cool to the touch but warms to body temperature and stays that way. There is a firm core in the centre but it is coated in enough silicone that when you squeeze it, you don’t feel it.


Tex comes with a foreskin that is pulled back, creating a nice ridge a couple inches down the toy. If you’re familiar with my preferences, you’ll know how much I love foreskin on dildos or flesh and blood penises so this is a big plus in my books.

This toy is a little bit thicker than average with a nice curve to better hit the g-spot or prostate without being overwhelming. It is a bit shorter than I expected (I’m not the best at reading measurements and visualizing size) which is the biggest negative for me as I prefer ones with a little bit more length for vaginal use. It’s great for anal use but personally I like ones in the 6-7″ range for my vagina. If you’re on the heavier size, this toy probably won’t be the best in a waist harness but would work for a thigh harness. The suction-base will allow you to stick it to non-porous surfaces though if you’re not using the toy by hand, you should be a bit careful so that the toy won’t come out of you. If you’re looking for something very similar but a bit longer, I suggest the Leo or, if you want another made out of VixSkin, the Maverick.

Because of the material, some people will find this harder to keep clean. My suggestion is, after cleaning, to sprinkle a bit of corn starch on it which will reduce how sticky the toy is while still retaining the realistic feel (anyone who has used a packer is probably familiar with this trick). It may still pick up a bit of lint but it will be significantly cleaner than it would be otherwise.


I got my Tex in the colour vanilla and am very pleased with how close a colour match it is to my skin. As a very pale guy, this is pretty rare! It also comes in Caramel and Chocolate if you’re darker than I am (which you probably are).

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.