We Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection

The Pleasure Mate collection comes with Standard Innovation’s Tango vibrator, Dusk butt plug, and Glow g-spot stimulator. It has a one-year warranty, if you register the vibrator (I am still INCREDIBLY impressed every time I get to register my sex toys, I love it); a magnetic, USB-compatible charger; and a silk bag with a drawstring big enough to fit all three toys and the charger.



As you may know, I have used a couple larger bullet vibrators that I have enjoyed but I never like the bullets that come with toys. I have a collection of them that I am planning on making a weird art project out of or strange vibrator-shaming porn. Seriously? I have no idea what I’m going to do with the ever-growing pile that I have. I had heard plenty of good things about the Tango but I was still a little skeptical, worried I was going to add another bullet vibrator to the collection.

But it is a lot better than the standard bullets. It has four speeds and then four patterns including a wonderful setting for teasing.

Pros: Magnetic charger makes it fully waterproof! USB adaption means you can plug it in to your computer or the wall, assuming you have an adapter. It’s strong and rumbly, has four speeds and four patterns.

Cons: The battery only lasts up to two hours, depending on the setting. The magnet in the charger is apparently a lot stronger than the original one was, but it’s still weaker than I’d like. It will stay connected as long as you don’t jostle the cord/toy, but it disconnects with minimal movement. It’s also a bit on the loud side, definitely not one for discrete use.

I know it looks like there are more cons than pros, but I definitely do recommend Tango and am looking forward to trying it in all of my other toys that have bullet holes (Like Tantus’ B-Bomb)

Material: ABS Plastic
Rechargeable, waterproof

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This is a small butt plug and is very much meant for beginners. It is lightweight, smooth, and has a nice finish that picks up basically no lint or dust. I’ve been putting things up my butt for a while now, so I was a little underwhelmed when I saw just how small this plug was.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by it. On its’ own, the Dusk added a nice bit of extra stimulation while I had other things in my vagina. It didn’t give me any feeling of fullness, but it was a pleasant addition to using a thicker toy (Uncut Emperor) in my vagina.

I had mixed feeling about using the Tango with this toy. None of the vibrator actually goes inside your ass at all, it fits in the sleeve that stays firmly outside the anus. Based on where the vibrator itself sits, I didn’t find the vibrations traveled through the toy into the anus very much. Instead, it mostly just makes my butt cheeks wiggle. If I’m standing up, it makes my butt cheeks wiggle a lot. But when I was sitting down and squeezing my muscles, riding the dildo, that vibration was quite nice.

After reading Epiphora’s review, I put the Dusk in my vagina. She wrote about how she had wonderful, hands-free orgasms using it in that way and I was curious if it would work as well for me, given my elongated clit. I wasn’t able to achieve a hands-free orgasm (though full disclosure: my Tango was almost completely dead when I tried this so the strength was much lower than it could have been). That said, I will definitely be re-visiting this as soon as the vibrator has fully charged again because it was surprisingly fun! The vibrator rested nicely against my clit while I had the Dusk itself pointed toward my g-spot, as shown in the first picture – this is the opposite of how Epiphora used it but I found her way made the Tango a little bit too tight on my clit.

Material: Silicone, Latex Free, Phthalate Free

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This is the first g spot dildo/vibrator I’ve owned, though not the first I’ve tried. As a dildo, I wasn’t very impressed. It wasn’t bad, but there was nothing really noteworthy about it. Adding the Tango dramatically increased how much enjoyment I got out of it both internally and rubbing my clit with it.

The Tango sticks out a few inches from the end of the Glow which I found helped me have a bit more of a handle. The vibrations travel through the toy easily, though the Tango is obviously more powerful when not inside the Glow.

I really enjoyed using the Glow + Tango with the Dusk (or another non-vibrating butt plug) but without something in my ass as well I was unable to orgasm from using the Glow, with or without vibrations.

I also tried this one anally and it didn’t do anything for me there. Since there’s no flared base, I didn’t want to push it in too far, so instead it just sat there a couple inches, not doing a whole lot. Definitely better in a vagina!

Material: Silicone, Latex Free, Phthalate Free

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If you have trouble gripping (arthritis, some manifestations of CP, etc), you will probably find it difficult to insert/remove the Tango from either the Glow or the Dusk.

The Glow is a little bit short and doesn’t have a handle, which may also prove difficult for some.

To turn the Tango on or change its setting, you have to press a button located at the base of the toy. Buttons can be a challenge for some and if the toy is already inside you, there’s the added difficult of reach and potentially lube/fluid making the vibrator more slippery.

All three of these toys are very light, which is a big plus for those who have muscle fatigue or related conditions.

Buy them from Goodvibes as a package deal, or individually through Come as You Are (Dusk, Tango, and Glow).

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.