We Vibe Touch: “Your Vibe is No Longer in my Way!”

I’m going to be totally honest with you – I didn’t want the We Vibe Touch, nor did I want to like it.

I asked for this vibrator in frustration after the umpteenth cis dude said “uhh, your [wand vibrator] is in the way, can you get rid of it?” while fucking me in missionary. Personal partners I would just scold. My pleasure is JUST as important as theirs, and my pleasure requires a vibrator. It’s in the way? There are other positions we could try, or we could put a pillow under my hips, or just say SOMETHING to indicate that, once your dick is happy, you’re going to make sure I’m enjoying myself? Something? Anything?

We Vibe TouchBut unfortunately, I (typically) can’t scold clients.

So, I asked for the Touch so that it would be less intrusive and not get in the penis’ way, and I wouldn’t want to scream in annoyance every time I had sex. I didn’t want to like it, I didn’t want to use it, I just wanted to make the penis mouths shut up.

It arrived, along with my Nova, and I plugged them both in to charge, pleasantly surprised by the amount of give the Touch has. While it’s fairly firm silicone, it still squishes when pressed against in a way that reminds me of the wrist rest on a mousepad, if that means anything to you young hooligans who have never used a desktop. Or you old hooligans who have also never used a computer (oh wait, you’re reading this. Darn). It’s also a pretty great shade of purple, I like that.

A chart of the We Vibe Touch vibration parrterns

It has the same motor as the Tango, which means that it’s much stronger than I expected when I first picked it up. While the motor is the same, I will state that it feels just the tinniest amount weaker than the Tango, as the Touch is covered in a layer of silicone and the Tango isn’t. This only affects the strength in the smallest amount, however. Because this vibrator is strong, held in your hand, and most of the vibes I use are wands or have a handle, the location of the motor in the Touch caused it to take several uses for me to get used to the actual feel of it, though those who use handheld vibrators more often won’t have this problem.

When in use, it is surprisingly quiet, even on the loudest setting. There are four intensities and four patterns (a tease, a wave, a pulse, and a cha-cha), and one 90 minute charge gets you about 2 hours of use, which is pretty decent. As always, I like their wave pattern (quite a bit) and the steady vibrations best; I’m fairly indifferent to the other three patterns.

One interesting thing about how the vibrations work is that the Touch remembers the setting you were on when you turned off the vibrator and it restarts to that one when you turn the vibe back on.

The We Vibe Touch charging port
The Touch charges through a magnetic charger at the base of the toy
Despite my initial lack of interest, I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed the Touch, once I got used to how the vibrations feel in my hand. It has become the vibrator that I’m most likely to bring with me to see clients, as it is small enough for them to not complain during missionary and strong enough to get me off (though depending on the size and shape of your/your partner’s body, it may be more in the way).

The “scoop” on the end perfectly fits my thumb from tip to the first knuckle; too short to engulf the entire length of my clit, but I can tilt the vibrator so that the shaft of the toy vibrates against the length of my clit when I want vibrations against the entirety of my clit. This provides broader stimulation (which you can also get if you flip the Touch over and use the side with the We Vibe logo), which I prefer, but you can also use the very tip of the Touch in order to have pinpoint stimulation.

The Touch is also completely waterproof!

You can buy this through Lovehoney (US) for $99.99 USD, SheVibe (US) for $107.46 CAD or Uberkinky (UK) for £74.99.

Psssst guess who my two new affiliates are?!

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.


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