Working WEBnesday – Internet Coworking

As part of my efforts to keep myself accountable, get work done, make friends, and build community, I decided to host an internet coworking event that was titled (thanks, Caelan!) Working WEBnesday. WEB-nesday, not Wed-nesday, because it happens any day of the week over the interwebs!

The first time was good, so I’ve hosted a couple more since, and plan on continuing to do so for the next while. I’d love if you could join me in them, or host your own! I like the idea of there being a different coworking happening every day of the week, either impromptu or planned, but I definitely am not going to do all of that.

The details:

I’ve been putting up Twitter polls to figure out when people most want to work, and tagging all updates with the hashtag #WorkingWEBnesday.

From there, we have a Google Hangout link where anyone is welcome to hop on and off at any point for and audio-only call. We’re muted most of the time, but there are breaks and people pause to ask questions, get a second opinion, or request whatever help they’re needing.

I tend to host for three hours, but that’s a random time length that I picked for the first one and then stuck with for no real reason.


  • Getting work done, obviously
  • Getting to know people in the community better, and their work (AKA building friendships and networking). Everyone has different strengths and work focuses, and you won’t know what those are until you get to know them
  • Being about to get feedback easier from multiple people as well as emotional support. I know my work always improves when I hear and listen to feedback from other people, plus they know of resources/ways of doing things/etc that I don’t!
  • Personally? Accountability. I’m way more likely to stay on task when working with others!
  • Related – I’m also more inspired to work when coworking, more likely to think of ideas and plan them out
  • Less isolation. It can be hard to feel connected to things when it’s just you in front of a computer all day alone
  • You don’t need to leave the house or get dressed for it

There you go, there’s your primer to what Working WEBnesday is all about! Want to join in? Follow the hashtag for updates on when the next one is, or host one yourself in the meantime – the more the merrier!