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Playful Domination

Have you ever felt curious about dominating someone but don’t feel as though you fit the stereotypical image of a Dominant? Everyone has a mental image of what “dominance” and “submission” look like, and there are many people who are left out of stereotypes.

Thankfully, there are many ways to express your kink identity without adhering to popular notions of what these roles should “look like”! This workshop will explore alternative methods of being dominant, including the bratty and/or lighthearted dominant without relying on physical ability, size, or level of sadism.

Some areas this workshop will focus on are: maintaining d/s roles without losing the lighthearted air, punishments and “funishments”, public play (without involving others!), and communication.

Intro to Impact Play

Pain, spanking, and impact play are three activities that we think of most often when thinking about BDSM.

Kate stands on the left of the frame, one knee on the bed. Her hair is wavy and falling over her shoulders. She's wearing a pink flower in her hair and a tight pink dress. She's holding a wooden paddle that's shaped like a bear against Suz's butt. Suz is in the right of the fram, leaning over the bed facing away from the camera. She's in a black tanktop and black underwear. The paddle is smooshing her butt.Taylor J Mace will walk you through all the steps of impact play:

  • How to choose the toy that’s right for you
  • How and where different toys are used
  • Where to hit and where to miss as well as how to play safely
  • Communication before, during, and after a scene
  • Building anticipation
  • And more!

Peruse Taylor’s toys and the store’s, and be prepared for demos and hands-on participation (if you would like). Demos will focus on using various toys (canes, paddles, floggers, and spades) in a variety of positions, various ways to set up a scene, as well as tips for negotiating consent and wants. Come with your questions! There will be partial nudity in the demos, though no genitals will be shown.

Impact Play Level Two

So you broke out your paddles, are kneeling over your dominant’s lap, and suddenly you’ve forgotten why the hell you signed up for this. There are countless reasons why someone may enjoy giving or receiving pain, and the specific ways can be so highly personalized that finding what’s “right” for you can be hard.

The class focuses on ways to make impact work for you, regardless your pain tolerances, physical abilities, or how many expensive toys are in your bag.

We will delve into the “why” of impact play, as well as many different positions for impact, tips on reading the body language of your submissive, and how to identify what you want to get out of the scene in order to know what kind of beating to deliver.

Bring a partner to practice with, or pair up with a pillow, for hands-on participation (if you would like); demos will focus on how to use toys in various positions. Come with your questions! There will be partial nudity in the demos, though no genitals will be shown.

Creative Pain

Do you enjoy being hurt, but not the thought of being beaten? Maybe you want to receive pain in situations where a beating isn’t appropriate? While impact play is fantastic, there are so many other ways of inflicting pain on a willing play partner. This workshop focuses on ways that anyone can cause pain – regardless your physical size, strength, or abilities – and the many delightful ways that a human can experience pain, beyond a beating. There will be demos and optional audience participation – zero obligation to partake.

Public, Consensual Kink

Maintaining a Dom/sub dynamic while in a public space can be exceptionally challenging, especially if you’re cognizant of the fact that those around you may not want to be involved in your dynamic. This workshop explores some of the many ways to express and maintain your kink dynamic in a public setting, without infringing on someone else’s right to consent. It looks at a variety of settings; from a restaurant, the sidewalk, or a family outing. Open to all genders, sexualities, and kink/relationship statuses.

Negotiations, Communication & Getting What You Need

Whether you’re in a kink or vanilla dynamic, a one-night-stand or a long-term relationship, or anywhere in between, talking about your needs, wants, and interests is critical to sustaining healthy dynamics. Learning how to negotiate, communicate, and ensure everyone’s needs are met can be challenging. This workshop will provide you with tools to manage these conversations, and will include pre and post-play negotiations and communication, as well as communication during the scene and/or dynamic. It will focus both on the submissive’s perspective (saying “no” to your Dominant can be HARD) and the Dominant’s (it’s easy to fall into a habit of providing the submissive’s needs but not acknowledging your own).

Service 101: From the Bottom or the Top

Tall black Doc Martins are sitting mostly unlaced on a deck. They are shiny, though a bit scuffed up, and their laces are white. Between the two shoes are a small pile of boot blacking materials. Attached around the ankle of one of the boots is a light pink collar with white dog bones on it.Service relationships are complex and often misunderstood. Forget the idea that “service” can only mean a girl in a maid’s outfit wielding a feather duster, about to get punished and perform oral. Service can include sexual, domestic, emotional, and/or work-related tasks, and both the dominant or the submissive may engage in acts of service.

This workshop looks at the various ways service can ‘look’, as well as going into some of the psychology behind why people enjoy service relationships on either side of the relationship, and how to help ensure you don’t burn out as the server, and focuses on non-sexual service. The class is open to people at all points on the D/s spectrum and will discuss both service bottoming and service topping, and the many variations thereof.

Help!: Someone Wants to be Nice to Me! A Guide to Receiving Service

Mid-negotiation you discover that the other person…wants to do things to make your life easier? You find yourself thrown, wondering what this means and where the catch is. For many, learning how to receive service (as a Dominant or as a submissive) is tricky; it can bring up feelings of not being worthy, not knowing how to accept it or what to do in return, and more. This workshop explores ways to accept the service that is being offered, various methods of service (sexual, domestic, emotional, and/or work-related tasks), motivations behind this style of dynamic, and ways that service and other kinks can complement each other.

The class is open to people at all points on the D/s spectrum.

Kink and Mental Health

Mental health and kink can be so closely linked; from people who have/currently self-harm who enjoy being beaten or hurt, to survivors who enjoy consensual non-consent, to people with anxiety who enjoy fear play, to those who have very different wants when they’re manic versus depressed, the ways that kink and mental health influence each other are endless.

When these things are understood and expressed properly, it’s easy to have fun, safe kink. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to identify things to ourselves, let alone communicate them with others!

This workshop aims to help participants identify and talk about some of the ways their brains and their kinks connect and influence each other, using personal examples from Taylor as well as discussion from the audience. It will focus on giving participants concrete tools to help identify triggers and limits, at various points in your wellness, and strategies for how and when to share these things with others.

Courting and Whoring: Balancing Work and Play

As sex workers, especially those of us who are additionally marginalized, dating can be complicated. There are so many things in a relationship that can be negatively affected by our careers in ways that non-sex workers’ aren’t. Dating, especially when you’re new to it, can be a minefield.

This workshop aims to cover some of the major hurdles faced by sex workers trying to date, as well as provide some tips for how to support a sex worker that you’re in a relationship with. It will cover topics such as:

  • Writing an online dating profile that keeps you safe (both from clients who see it and people you don’t want to know you’re a sex worker)
  • Thoughts on how/when to disclose your work
  • Monogamy and sex work
  • Balancing your partner’s expectations of what dating a sex worker will look like versus your wants and needs when off the clock
  • A special focus on discussing things you’ll do with your clients but not your partners
  • Help, I fell in love with a client! Now what?
  • Name, work, and interests – how your partner should talk about you with their friends/family
  • Supporting the sex workers in your life
  • And more!

There will be plenty of time for audience discussion and questions and, when possible, will focus on how these topics affect more marginalized sex workers.

*This is open to sex workers and people who date us*

Power Play for Beginners

When it comes to kink, there’s a nearly endless number of ways to give or take power. From very occasional to 24/7 power exchange, these dynamics can be challenging to start and sustain – without a balance of service with the control, these dynamics are even harder to sustain. This workshop focuses on communication, negotiation, and learning how to take or give power, as well as give or accept the service that comes with it.

This kind of play can be rough and strict or gentle and overtly loving, depending on your personal preferences and D/s style. Explore some of the many ways that power can be toyed with to create all kinds of scenes; from terrifying and dangerous to teasing and playful. This is a discussion-based class for people of all levels of kink experience.

Closing the Gap: Kink, Power, and Long Distance

You met the perfect kink partner for you, you’ve hit it off wonderfully, and nothing could get in the way of that. Except for the fact that you live in different countries and don’t have the money to get enough in-person time together. Do you throw in the towel, or do you try to find ways to make a crappy situation better? Is it even possible to sustain a long distance kink dynamic? What sorts of rules and protocol work? How might your needs change in person versus when your apart? This workshop will cover these questions, as well as general tips for closing the gap.

Balancing and Maintaining Multiple Dominants

As non-monogamous kinksters, finding a balance between partners can be complex. Each dynamic comes with its own set of rules and protocols, some of which don’t mesh well with the wishes of your other partners. Come discuss ways of balancing multiple power dynamics while ensuring everyone feels valued, seen, and wanted, as well as ways to troubleshoot problems when they arise.