2018 Wrap Up + Write for Slixa!

Things have been quiet on my end lately; both my phone and my laptop had to go to the shop (more than once) and I traveled a LOT between Baltimore, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and all my holiday trips, but they should be getting back to normal shortly! Before I dive in and wrap up 2018, there are two announcements that I’d like to make!

A Friend In Need

Many of you know SugarCunt (of SugarCuntWrites, temp offline). They fled across country from an abusive relationship about a year ago and things were better for a while, but they are currently homeless and could really use some help! If you have any cash to spare, please consider sending it their way. If you can’t use cash.me, you can send the money through my PayPal, with the note “for warmth” or similar. Please don’t use their name, as bulk transactions to “SugarCunt” may cause an issue.

If you know how to get a cat registered as an emotional support animal, or (winter) clothing resources for fat homeless folk, please email them at the email below.

Donate via their Cash.me or my PayPal with the note “for warmth”, or send gift cards to sugarcunt@sugarcuntwrites.com.

Slixa Essay Competition

Are you a current or former sex worker? Do you love writing? Want to maybe win some money while also educating people? You’re in luck!

Slixa has announced a call for essay submissions about the impact of SESTA/FOSTA, and is offering a $10,000 USD total prize to be shared with the winning entrants and advocacy organizations of their choosing. This money will be split toward the top three essayist and the advocacy programs of their choices.

Essays must be written in English, and be original, unpublished work between 1,500 and 2,200 words.

Deadline is January 14. View their website or press release for more info.

2018 Wrap Up

Onward and forward, right? I like writing yearly reviews (if I’ve actually taken my notes…) because they force me to go back and more objectively evaluate what I accomplished instead of my memory of “this year was a mess”. Because it was a mess, but also boy did I get things done.
I left my submissive. I lost friends after experiencing trauma. FOSTA/SESTA passed, destroying most of my livelihood. I struggled with rope, and other kinks that had become about someone else instead of me. I felt broken and rejected and, like all of us, I struggled to explain my experiences.
Taylor mid-presentation. They're seated in front of a microphone, looking to the side. They have a freshly shaved undercut and are dressed in leatherI traveled to 22 cities, teaching at six different international conferences and stores along the way. I was also featured on CrashPad, Down for Whatever, Caz Killjoy, and Pleasure Connoisseurs.
I rediscovered my love of writing, and what exactly I care about doing in this industry. I’m working my way back to it
I placed on Kinkly’s Top 100 list, and Top 10 LGBTQ blogs, and ranked #31 on Molly’s Daily Kiss’ Top 100 Bloggers list! Additionally, I came 1308 hits shy of my traffic goal this year (wanting to double +1000 my 2017 traffic), which is closer than I expected to get.
I traveled to model and take photos. I did my first actual, official tours both in Canada and in the US. I revamped this site and my escorting site. I slowed down, I took my time, I came back when I was ready. I got paid to fuck my friends, both as clients and as duo partners. My clients helped me experience amazing things that I really value. One of their partners came to my class to thank me for my invlovement in my client’s life over the past few years and I cried, hard. I made some new friends. I put out fires. I connected with people through kink and had a blast strengthening some existing dynamics. I met Nillin!
I got a job and started working to kink trauma’s butt. I pissed in some butts and wrote some erotica. I accomplished literally all of my 2018 goals.
I changed my boundaries, my mind, my language, and I tried not to overthink that. Obviously I failed on the latter.
I decided to move to Washington, D.C. in the new year.
Twelve steps forward, five steps back. 2019 is starting out with some major points of uncertainty, but I’m better than this time last year. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me this year and made it special. Hopefully I’ll get more time with each of you in the new year <3

2019’s Road Ahead

Three people lying topless in bed together. The one on the left is facing away from the camera, arm around the other two, with an undercut died blue on top. In the middle is Nillin, hair died geen, making a kissy face at the camera. On the left is Taylor, sans glasses and squinting at the camera, tongue sticking out and barely hitting Nillin's cheek. Everyone looks happy.In 2019, I want to get in my own way less.
Travel. Less frantically, more purposefully, with destination. Stop and take a breath, I don’t always need to go to be worth it.
Find the space between “pushing” and “doing nothing”. Heck, find the middle ground in literally anything I do, ever.
Get rid of my debt.
Start taking pole dancing, rock climbing, and/or ASL again.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

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