May Spotlight: Ace in the Hole

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Ace in the Hole (Blog)

Taryn from Ace in the HoleAs you (hopefully) know, I’m all about diversity both within and without the sex blogging community, and I also love to celebrate the new folks who are doing great work. I am pleased to introduce you to Taryn, author of the wonderful blog Ace in the Hole, which was started in January of 2017!

Taryn is an asexual, biromantic, white cis woman who writes about sex through the lens of asexuality – something you really don’t see very often. Her goal (as stated on her About page) is to “to provide more education around how asexuality can coexist with sex, dating, relationships, masturbating”, and she has compiled a great Asexuality Primer/FAQ page for you to peruse.

By day she works in Search Engine Optimization and she has incorporated this into her sex writing by having a “SEO for Sex Bloggers” feature, which I personally find exceptionally helpful!

She takes some beautiful photos (I love the ones in her G-Spoon review). Her review of the Pure Plug makes me laugh – “I got home, pet the cat, and retreated to my bedroom with nerves (and plug) of steel” and then, when she puts something in her butt for the first time, “it just felt likeā€¦ pooping in reverse. Not sexy”. She also has the ability to write about toys she doesn’t like (such as the Ambit) in a way that clearly describes what the problems are for her – and then she links to other bloggers who have different opinions! I like this touch, especially since most of our readers don’t necessarily know their exact preferences yet so it can be hard to tell from just one post if something will work for your genitals.

I’m really looking forward to reading more from her, especially in regards to asexuality and her relationship to sex, masturbating, and sex education!

You should find her on twitter!

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