Estim Spanking Paddle

Impact play is great. Estim is fucking incredible. Therefore an estim paddle should appeal to me like few other things on the market! And it does, but it does not warrant that lust.

The Electro Spanking Paddle sits on top of an estim power box, which rests on top of a grey and white fake fur fabric. The shot is in focus around the handle of the paddle, where two supply cables are connected. the cord disappears out of the shot and then reappears to plug in to the power box. The box's lights aren't lit, indicating that the paddle is plugged in but not turned on.What I hadn’t realized before testing MEO’s Electro Spanking Paddle (which is unpleasantly described on their website as a “bi-polar beauty”) is that you have to use this differently than you use a regular paddle. In order for the person being beaten to feel the electricity, you have to hold the paddle against their skin for a few seconds – while also holding it at an angle where the electrodes are properly connecting against the sub’s skin.

While you don’t need to hold the toy in place for long, I found the way that I have to use the Electro Spanking Paddle to be a bit too clunky for me to find my rhythm properly, especially if I don’t want to zap my partner with every hit.

My lovely volunteer sub LOVED the added electricity, especially with the addition of some rope holding him in place. It added an additional element to the stimulation, especially as he wasn’t feeling the electricity with every smack, so he was anticipating when it would come. But from my perspective, I wanted to either electrocute him or beat him; this method of smacking and then holding for a few seconds hard against his skin and then hitting again just didn’t fit what I wanted. And it hasn’t since, even when I’ve gone into the scene knowing how I would actually be using the Electro Spanking Paddle.

The Electro Spanking Paddle lies diagonally on top of a grey and white fake fur material. The three rows of electrodes are very shiny.For whatever reason, this paddle is basically ineffective on my skin. I’ve never had a problem feeling estim before, but this paddle has only managed to zap me twice now. Even on it’s highest setting, the Electro Spanking Paddle just…doesn’t have an effect on me, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. I don’t know if maybe the electrodes don’t connect properly due to my body shape? If maybe it’s something about the type of electricity? I have NO idea, and haven’t been able to figure out an answer. What I DO know is that literally no one that I’ve tried it on has any issue, whereas the two times I was able to feel it, I could barely feel it on the highest setting.

As a regular paddle, the Electro Spanking Paddle is very middle-of-the-range. It’s got a decent amount of flexibility to it, and it’s stingier than it is thuddy. It’s nice, I enjoy it, but I don’t see the point in paying $225 CAD for a paddle where I don’t want to use it’s main feature. To be honest, I have a hard time justifying $225 for a paddle even if I loved it! My beloved Weal and Breech NÂș 2568 costs $140, and I’m pretty sure it’s my most expensive impact toy. I expect the addition of estim to increase the price of the product, but $225 is a lot (for me) to pay for a product that I don’t love.

A closeup shot of the Electro Spanking Paddle's handle, showing how the rows of electrodes are raised slightly from the leather of the paddle, leaving a small gap.
The gap between electrodes and leather is small, but it’s large enough that fluids such as lube, ejaculate, and blood could get trapped underneath.

Some technical specs:

  • The Electro Spanking Paddle does not come with it’s own power box, but it is compatible with any standard power box (I am using MEO’s “Orgasm Machine“).
  • The supply cables hook up to the base of the paddle’s handle, meaning they’re kept well out of the way of any fluids (with the possible exception of sweat from the dominant).
  • The electrodes are raised from the paddle, with small little gaps between it and the leather of the paddle, so be very careful when you clean!

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.

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