Feisty Fox Hits the Road (Again)!

As you may know, I’m on the road again! Right now I’m in Edmonton on a quasi-vacation (by which I mean I’m still writing as much as usual and having a chance to catch up on my backlog of tasks instead of working all my freelance gigs. I’m also escorting, but so far the responses to my ads have been…a little bit unpleasant and thus I have not accepted any bookings). After this, I’m back in Toronto for a few days and then off to Ottawa!

Taylor smirks sleepily at the camera. A brightly-coloured pop art filter is across the bottom of the image saying "Welcome to Edmonton" on itBecause of my globe trotting (am I going somewhere for Christmas? Who knows yet!), I’ve decided to forgo my usual Friday essay in favour of supplying you with an updated list of what I’m up to and where you can find me!

Yeah, yeah, I know; shameless self promotion.


I will be here until November 29. While here, I am available for:


I will be here December 3-6. While there, I’m available for:

Want More of Me?

Taylor grins animatedly at the camera. In the bottom corner there's a picture of an envelope with a cartoon version of them on it and the words "Many Thanks!"There are a few ways to support my work or have more access to me while I’m on the road or at home!

  • Subscribing to my Patreon before November 25 at the $3 tier or above gets you included in my November month in review! Other rewards include snapchat, postcards, and skype shows!
  • Book packages that include texting, phone calls, skype, personalized photos, and more, and be a part of my daily going-ons. Join me on my many adventures!
  • My OnlyFans is updated regularly with exclusive photos and sometimes videos!

I’d love to see you at my workshops in Ottawa! There will be a bit of a break before my next set of classes, so you’ll want to attend while you have the chance!

Any recommendations for things I should get up to in Ottawa or Edmonton? Let me know in the comments!


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