June Spotlight: Fuckleberry Finn

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Fuckleberry Finn (Blog)

Another transmasculine sex blogger!

Fuckleberry Finn logoLike me, they have found that there aren’t as many transmasculine bloggers as they would like, thus part of why they decided the step in. Their About page states something that I have always found to be true as well (one of my own reasons to initially get into blogging):
“Vulvas, especially clitorides, behave differently when exposed to testosterone, and there are specific ways that social pressures that interact with sex and gender in regards to transgender people. I feel like talking openly about these issues will encourage trans people, particularly transmasculine people in my case, to augment their sex lives and talk more openly about sex and sexuality.”

They have a great guide on buying your first strap on dildo if you’re a transmasc person – I love that they don’t assume you’ll want a flesh-tone dildo and they specify where to find non-white flesh-tone dildos.

I love some of the photos they take – look at the ones in their review of the Tantus Acute! That…cheese plate? Is a great backdrop for this dick, and has given me some good ideas for my own photos!

Their piece “From Brick Walls to Buttsex: A Personal Journey Through Fanfiction” is a wonderful testament to the power of fanfiction erotica and what it can teach you (fun fact: growing up, I read and wrote a lot of smutty queer fanfiction, mostly Harry Potter – give me some Snape and Harry any day!).

As always, I am more interested in Finn’s personal posts than their reviews (while I enjoy reviews, I follow bloggers due to their personal posts – are the personal posts interesting and compelling? Am I drawn to who they are as a person? Are they intersectional? Finn is all these things. Their post on OCD and Anal Sex is one of their strongest ones, in my opinion, and one that sits very close to home for me as my boyfriend has OCD and very similar compulsions.

You can find Finn on twitter, tumblr, facebook, and their website!

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