April Spotlight: Insert Trans Here

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Insert Trans Here (Blog)

Insert Trans Here is a new blog (started in August, 2016) and run by a queer trans woman in the States.

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Image created by Starboots

She wanted to find toys that worked with her body (both now and as her body changes through her transition) and found a lack of other trans women writing reviews. Like many of us in the industry, she therefore decided to start doing reviews of her own in order to help others in a similar position.

Insert Trans Here is a size-queen who enjoys kink (check out her great post on being a Padded Princess!) and also writes about her connection with her body and how toys/masturbation can help or make things worse (see “Why My Wand is So Important“). Her personal posts feel raw, powerful, and real. Her writing and reviews are compelling and it shines a light on an area within the blogging community that is sorely underrepresented.

She may be fairly new still, but she’s definitely someone to keep an eye on as her site continues to grow. Remember to follow her twitter to get the latest updates, and let her know what you like most about her site!

What do you love about her work? Do you know other trans women writing reviews? Leave a comment below!


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