Servant Sex Toys’ Lune

Always on the hunt for more Canadian sex toy manufacturers, I discovered Servant Sex Toys on my last visit to Edmonton. The owner of Express Video was excitedly telling me about this new local company and he started pulling all of these LARGE toys out of the display case. Giant, heavy, silicone beauties, they were. Gorgeous things (the photos on their website don’t even slightly do them justice, check out their Instagram for better shots) that would unfortunately break me in pieces, but I wanted them anyway – I especially lusted after the Cleved but it’s even bigger than my Wraith so uh, that’s not gonna happen! Then there was the Lune. The Lune stands out in their collection to me because, frankly, it’s the smallest. It’s the only one I looked at and thought definitively that I could take it, and being able to use the toy is typically important to a review.

Servant Sex Toy's Lune stands on a deck,tip pointed toward the camera. The base is out of focus, the head and top portion of the shaft in focus, highlighting how the black and grey silicone blends together in a striking and beautiful manner.
This objectively is some gorgeous work. Look at how the grey blends and swirls with the black on the underside of the head!
Something to note about this company: it’s run by a couple who personally test all of their designs before they decide to manufacture it for the public, and their website and products are all fully gender-neutral. They discuss body parts such as prostate or g-spot, but do not code their toys as “female” or “male” toys (or “gay and lesbian” or any of that other nonsense). All their toys are made of pure silicone and come in firm or soft (mine is the soft), as well as a wide-range of colours. For a dildo that is made just of black and grey like my Lune is, there is such a wide-range of shades as well as so many different shapes to the colouring. It’s really pretty, they did a fantastic job on it…and it wasn’t even the one that visually stood out to me the most, which is a testament to how good of a job they did on all their toys.

At 7.25 insertable inches and 5.5″ max girth, it fits right in with my collection, and it fits right in my cunt. It has a bit of give to it (think Tantus’ Cush O2) and is fairly slick in a way that’s a bit usual for me? Not tacky at all, but it has a decent amount of drag to it, which given my scarring and sensory issues, I was initially worried how the drag would feel, but a bit of extra lube helped it glide without any issue.

Given my size preferences, the Lune isn’t always one that I can take without a small warmup. I am mostly incapable of stretching, so every time I’ve used it, it’s felt sizeable inside of me and a bit painful to remove post-orgasm, which is normal for me but typically worse with toys that have more of a drag to their texture.

The flared base makes it anal safe – though I’ve only used it vaginally and orally so far – and also makes it perfect for use in a strapon harness. I can work it into my Joque, but it’s on the cusp of being too big for some harnesses that don’t have interchangeable o-rings.

A closeup shot of the Lune's head. It looks sort of like a snake's face and has a pronounced ridge with a tapered, pointed head. It is black with grey dappling.
I think it kinda looks like a snake from this angle.
The dildo has a slight downward angle and a pointed head, and gradually gets thicker toward the base, tapering gently. The point on the head isn’t super sharp, but it’s definitely noticeable inside of me. the angle on the upper side helps to make it hit the a-spot, which can be a challenge for straighter dildos, and the pronounced head helps with g-spot stimulation, depending on how you angle the Lune, and does it much better than I initially expected it to, given the downward slope. It also applies a good amount of pressure in either spot, to the degree that it is lowkey torture for me when it’s thrust inside me post-orgasm, which was uh, a pretty fun thing to discover mid-scene. I got teased for reacting more to the dildo being in me than to the vibrator still being on high and pressed against my clit, but that dildo was hitting a lot of places and I was unable to handle it, in a good way.

I’m also fairly certain this dildo is a good luck charm? Good things seem to happen every time I use it; my dominant and I have sex for the first time in years, a gorgeous person decided to give their first blowjob ever to it, I’ve gotten a BUNCH of multiple orgasms from it, put on a really hot show with it, had a really great strap on threesome using this, the aforementioned post-orgasm torture, and more. Like I’ve had suspiciously amazing sex literally every time I’ve used this dildo, and have yet to be let down on this. It’s just very good, and every time I’ve used the Lune I’ve been surprised by just how well the sex has worked, and how great it was. Obviously I know that this is not all because of the toy, but it certainly plays a contributing role in the experience, and I’m going to continue thinking it’s magic because of that.

Want your own magic cock? You can buy the Lune through the Servant Sex Toys website!


This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.

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