Taylor’s May Wishlist

I love making lists, and I especially love making wishlists! I have one on amazon, on about a half-dozen specific stores, here… What can I say – I like to shop or, at the very least, imagine what I would be shopping for!

A wishlist of several items wanted from Betty's Toy BoxMaking them can be an enjoyable way of passing time, a way to “shop” in a safer way without spending money, a way to collect ideas to send friends/loved ones when they want to buy you a gift, or even just a way to keep track of items you want to get yourself, rather than trying to remember where you found everything later on.

When it comes to sex toys, wishlists are extra-important! If you buy someone a shirt that doesn’t fit or they aren’t into, they can simply exchange it without issue. Sex toys, however, are understandably non-returnable. If you aren’t exceptionally familiar with your partner’s interests, bodily ability, and toys in general, it’s far too easy to buy something that isn’t quite right. If you’ve made a wishlist, they can pick off of that and ensure that what they’re buying you is something you want and will fit!

When making your wishlist, remember that checking out reviews of toys can help you determine if a toy will be right for you!

Here is an example of 10 toys I’m currently lusting after to help inspire your own list!


  • D.1 Larvikite Stone 8 Inch Dildo
    Laid makes gorgeous stone toys – this one made out of Black Norwegian Moonstone – and I guarantee that you’ve never seen a dildo quite like it. The stone makes this toy perfect for people who like firm stimulation of their g- or p-spot! The unique appearance of it means that it’s something I would put on my shelf when not in use as it would double as an art piece!
  • Grenade Silicone Glow in the Dark Butt Plug – Small – by Split Peaches
    Ummmm this butt plug glows in the god damned dark! That alone gets it a spot on my wishlist! I have such a crush on Split Peaches’ work and have yet to get my hands or bits on any of their products but I have a mighty need. This butt plug is on the smaller side but is loaded with texture so I know I’ll really feel it going in.
  • Love To Love IScream Popsicle 8.5 Inch Dildo
    I have found that popsicle dildos feel shockingly good inside my vagina. This one comes in a super cute package that makes it look even more like the edible kind of popsicle, I want to enjoy watching a lover suck on this after it has been used inside of me (or vice versa) for some lovely “food” play!
  • NobEssence Seduction Sculptured Hardwood Dildo
    If you’ve never tried a high-quality wooden toy, you’re missing out. This NobEssence toy is curved at both ends for g- or p-spot stimulation and, like the Pure Wand, both ends have two very different girths. They are attractive and unique, each one slightly different than the next due to variations in colour.A naked greyscale body with a penis from the belly to the thighs. On the penis there is a detacheable foreskin
  • Oxballs Moreskin Silicone Foreskin Hoods S/M – Light Tone
    I just really like foreskins a lot, okay? I’m really curious about this product – it’s a foreskin that’s made for people who have been circumcised. It is not intended for use during penetrative sex but you can use it either when erect or soft to give the appearance of a foreskin. This comes in multiple colours and sizes, not just for white folks!
  • Tom of Finland Neoprene Collar with Lock
    One of my biggest complaints about fetish wear is how hard it is to find quality wares that aren’t in leather. So much of the non-leather goods are either poorly made or, quite frankly, aesthetically unappealing, and I like my things to be pretty. This collar is made of neoprene (and has matching ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and a leash), is sturdy, and has a slick, classic look to it. A great product line for vegans!
  • Motorhead Bomber Black & Gold Glass Dildo
    This reminds me of something you’d see in an Ed Hardy store, which by extension means that 13-year-old me would have been in love with it. Current me is, too, partly for nostalgia’s sake, and partly because it looks like it would feel so good sliding into me, especially given that’s it’s made out of smooth, tapered glass. Plus, when it isn’t in use, the base makes it look like a a bomb!
  • Njoy Pure Wand Double Ended Steel Dildo
    The Pure Wand needs little introduction. I love steel toys for so many reasons and the Pure Wand is curved for excellent g- or p-spot stimulation. There is a thinner and a thicker end, depending on your girth preferences!rainbow unicorn horn dildo
  • Wand Assist Adjustable Gooseneck Hands-Free Wand Holder
    There are so many potential uses for this – tie someone up and keep the vibe in place as you are busy elsewhere, use it on yourself so you can use a dildo, have a vibe, and sext at the same time, for use if you have limited mobility in your arms or can’t sustain holding a vibrator in place…there are so many possibilities! This keeps your wand vibrator hands-free!
  • Unicorn Horn Silicone Dildo – Medium – Rainbow by Split Peaches
    Another Split Peaches toy – this one is shaped like a unicorn horn! It’s also rainbow (though you can get it in other colours if you’d prefer)! I just really want to get fucked by a unicorn…ideally while having a mff threesome, obviously. Give me all your queer sex cliches and let me get off to them!

What’s on your wishlist?

This piece was graciously sponsored by Betty’s Toy Box!