Monthly Spotlight

What is the Monthly Spotlight?

This feature that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month and is designed to highlight a blog, vlog, or podcast that is under a year old. There will occasionally be other folks featured here as well, such as porn companies or artists, but the main focus is to highlight new people within the sex education community. If you’d like to be featured, please reach out!

A very pretty redhead stands holding four books by her head. Her hair is just past her shoulders and wavy, pulled to one side. She is wearing large framed blackglasses, red lipstick, and a red dress with white polka dots.
June Spotlight: Hermione Danger
This is a blog that's run by - you guessed it - Hermione Danger, a delightful dog lover, librarian, sports
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A graphic of Kelvin Sparks, a white-appearing man with black hair and facial scruff, wearing a crew cut shirt. The background is lilac and covered in roses and rope.
Spotlight: Kelvin Sparks Reviews
Meet Kelvin Sparks, an intersex trans man who is a sex blogger, erotica writer, and toy reviewer based in the
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Fuckleberry Finn logo
June Spotlight: Fuckleberry Finn
The monthly spotlight is a feature that takes place on the second (sometimes third) Monday of every month and is
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Pillow Princess' logo featuring a yellow crown on top of a whiteish blue pillow
November Spotlight: Pillow Princess
Pillow Princess is a bisexual cis woman who is in a long-distance relationship with a pansexual cis woman and she
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A Couple of Kinks Logo
August Spotlight: A Couple of Kinks
This blog is run by Rebecca and Andy, a lovely couple who happen to be fellow Canadians. They created their
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A rainbow-coloured street sign saying On Queer Street
October Spotlight: On Queer Street
What do you get when you mix sex-positivity, enthusiastic consent, mental health, kink, and sexuality? Simple - you get Quinn
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