November Spotlight: Obsession Rouge

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Obsession Rouge (Blog)

Obsession Rouge's logo of a face split down the middle. On the left is Eve, with long dark hair pulled back and a green eye, on the right is Adam, with short brown hair, a light blue eye and a mustache. They are both wearing a collared salmon coloured shirt, Adam wearing a white tshirt underneathObsession Rouge is a pretty unique site; as far as I know, it’s the only review site that’s written both in English and French – the English side is written by Adam, and the French side by Eve (yep, Adam and Eve!). They¬† have a “classy sex blog and review sex toys”, and also create erotica, write about sex games, sexual health, and more.

They take the idea of a yes/no/maybe list and put their own twist on it in their Sexual Fantasy Discovery game, one that I find really helpful. They even have a downloadable list of suggestions, though you are more than welcome to create your own (please do!). Keep in mind the consent of others when you put in more public suggestions!

As someone with chemical sensitivities, I always enjoy reading reviews from other people with sensitive skin about what lubes they like (even when it’s a lube that I’m already very familiar with, like Uberlube). Their review also covers alternative uses for Uberlube, such as for reducing thigh chafing. My personal favourite alternative use is for latex worship! If you like latex clothing and have never experienced this…you’re missing out.

Other times I like reviews because they remind me of a very specific time when I used that toy, such as their review of the Cockring Clit Paradise Deluxe. One of my favourite clients bought this to use for me, and I’m not going to lie, it kind of terrified me. Seeing other people dislike it gives me far too strong a feeling of satisfaction, I’m not going to lie!

Their reviews discuss the toy used for both Adam and Eve’s masturbation, as well as both their experiences using the toy during partnered sex, so there is a variety of different perspectives in the same review.

You can find Obsession Rouge on their website, twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest. Make sure to follow and leave a comment if you like what you read!

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