November Spotlight: Pillow Princess

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Pillow Princess (Blog)

Pillow Princess' logo featuring a yellow crown on top of a whiteish blue pillowPillow Princess is a bisexual cis woman who is in a long-distance relationship with a pansexual cis woman and she focuses on toys for people with vulvas and their use primarily during sex rather than masturbation (though that’s covered too!), as well as how people with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses have sex. Having more sites feature accessible sex toys is really needed, and it’s a valuable resource to have! She is also European-based, and therefore the toys and companies she promotes are ones that are easier to access (without a huge mark-up) in Europe. You will also not find anything realistic on her site, even fantasy and/or animalistic.

Pillow Princess is divided into reviews and general sex toy advice. The reviews can be sorted several different ways – including filtering by price! This way you can see reviews of toys that are exclusively under 30 euros, all the way up to over 100 euros. Speaking of, you should also check out her guide to finding affordable sex toys; the retail price on lots of sex toys is completely inaccessible and she has some good tips to find discounts and/or more affordable toys. She also has a fantastic guide to telling if a sex toy company is ethical or not.

You can find Pillow Princess on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or on her website.

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