Sex Toy Sales: September 2017

There are some exciting sales happening right now! Check out the links below (after clearing your cookies and cache, as this page uses affiliate links (which cost you nothing while also supporting my site).

Here’s a round-up of sales happening at my favourite stores:


Be sure to check out their Grab Bags – you pick the toy (at a high discount), Tantus sends you a random, maybe unique, colour! My personal favourites are the Ripple Small ($27), and the Vibrating Vamp ($40).

As always, there’s also their sales page. I’m lusting after the Beginner Ball Gag (pardon me while I fantasize about having this gag in and being unable to speak at all and then have horrible things done to me), the Meteorite, and the Amsterdam Small.


Heading back to school? Celebrate with Stockroom’s Back to School sale – on now until September 5th! Not going back? You can still take advantage of the sale! They have a bondage belt, which is always a great investment, and two different kinds of spandex hoods (one with a mouth hole and one without).

Check out their daily deals – at least 25% off of two items every 24 hours – which can be found here. And they also have their outlet store, which is up to 70% off. They have lots of books in their outlet section right now, but there is also a spandex hood that is slightly more expensive than the back to school hood but looks the same (?), a pretty penis plug, and an estim rolling drum for your Neon Wand.

Come as You Are

Check out their sales section! Some of my personal favourites are the Bella harness (read my review), Fun Factory Pearly, the Tom of Finland: Complete Kake Comics ($5!), Complete Shibari 2: Sky ($5!), and a really pretty Lace Gaff ($24). You can also peruse my favourites.

Subscribing to their newsletter lands you free Canadian shipping!


This banner auto-updates with their current sales and deals, so come back and see what’s currently on.

They also have a sales section!

Extreme Restraints

There are many different sales pages for Extreme Restraints. There’s their daily deals (25% or more off of one product every day), sales page (up to 65% off) – look at these stunning burgundy cuffs! I’m also in desperate need of the estim blade……DESPERATE need, I tell you. Then there’s the overstock items (up to 80% off) – grab some cuffs that let you electrocute your partner with just every touch!, clearance items (up to 85% off) – check out the Commander Fist Butt Plug! There are also first time buyer promotion, and even free sex toys!


Check out their sales page as well as their offers page. Their offers page has some great bundles on items such as condoms, body stockings, and tenga eggs!


They have a promotions and savings page that has a lot of different links to go through, and a general sale page.

Lovehoney has some great Deals of the Day, where one product has a strong discount for 24 hours!

Luxurious Bliss

They have a section for items under $10 (ooh, wooden spoons and bondage connectors!) as well as a clearance/sale section – $26 under the bed restraints!

Mr S Leather

Here’s their sales page!


SheVibe has a small selection of sale toys!

Twisted Monk

Looking for some beautiful, trustworthy rope? Twisted Monk is a great place for that! They have no sales currently, but they have monthly limited-edition rope colours and other goodies that you should check out while you can!


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