August Spotlight: A Couple of Kinks

Welcome to a new feature of my blog! Once a month I will be featuring someone/thing who creates content about sexuality, feminism, consent, etc. Basically anyone who is rad and I think you should know about!

Want to get featured? Contact me! I’d love to discover new people.

Now – on to August’s Spotlight!

A Couple of Kinks (Blog)

This blog is run by Rebecca and Andy, a lovely couple who happen to be fellow Canadians. They created their site at the end of February, 2016, though their twitter has been around a bit longer. They are friendly and funny and have definitely made quite the impression, despite being relatively new to the scene.

Their branding is quiet and on the simple side and I absolutely love their site’s aesthetic. Their logo (below) is a rendering of a couple standing side-by-side with their arms around each others waists. This image is repeated in different

A Couple of Kinks Logo
A Couple of Kinks’ Logo

You can read about their first time at an orgy and various other sexcapades, their guide to bringing food into the bedroom and other how to‘s, or peruse their reviews which cover toys, lingerie, lube, accessories, and more!

I’m a sucker for good images and I’m pretty into the ones on ACOK’s site, especially the featured images (just look at this Sqweel XT picture!).

…to be completely honest, I also like that their blog abbreviates to “ACOK”. Because, y’know, “a cock”. Because I’m a child.

Remember to follow their twitter to get the latest updates, and let them know what you like most about their site!