Vegans Love Even More Kink!

In part one, I talked about the differences between Stockroom’s Silicone and Vondage bondage lines and compared the ankle cuffs (silicone and vondage) and their collars (silicone and vondage). There are several other goodies to talk about, though!

Vondage Bit Gag and Silicone Bone Gag

The vondage bit gag and silicone bone gags both fit well, and fairly comfortably! Even after wearing them for an extended period of time; begging, and talking (which is a delightfully garbled mess with either of these gags in!), they don’t cause nearly as much irritation in the corners of my mouth as ball gags normally do with extended wear, as they don’t have any metal or buckles digging into the insides of my cheeks.

The puppy, left, models Stockroom’s silicone bone gag while I, right, model the vondage bit gag.

Both the bit and the bone are made of silicone, so they are incredibly easy to clean. The vegan leather can be cleaned with a damp wash cloth and hand soap (dry completely), whereas the silicone line can be boiled.

They also both have buckles that are lock-compatible, if you want to make sure the gag isn’t going anywhere.

Vondage Hog Tie

When I unboxed the vondage hog tie, I was initially worried because I thought they seemed thin, flimsy, like they wouldn’t support me, let alone properly restrain my larger, stronger playmates. I was worried that they’d easily stretch or break if I was playing hard, which I like to do, and that this item would not hold up through use.

The first test I did with the hog tie featured my lover wearing the vondage and silicone cuffs, hog tied on his belly, being electrocuted in the balls. This was, obviously, causing him to strain against the hog tie with all of his strength (which is considerably more than mine is!)

Yet despite how hard he pulled, the vondage hog tie maintained its structure, and most importantly, didn’t let him budge at all.

Vondage Muzzle

And finally, the muzzle! I’ve never really been interested in muzzles, but I enjoy gags, and I enjoy pony play. The vondage muzzle feels like pony gear to me, which is what drew me to it. Wearing this, suddenly you’re not a person; you’re an animal, a creature, and object. You’re something less than human, and this is deliciously appealing to me.

A delightfully cruel man talked me through what muzzles vs gags are good for – in short, a gag is great to silence you, so that you cannot be understood, so you’re there merely for the dominant’s pleasure. With a muzzle, you can be heard; what you have to say is merely irrelevant. The wants of the non-human object are not what matters.

Um, okay. I can get behind that distinction.

This muzzle takes a little bit of time to get on and off (each of the three straps has a spot for you to add a lock, sold separately), so please take that into consideration when using the muzzle. It fits a wide-range of head sizes, and takes a little bit of getting used to the feeling of it on your head.

What I don’t like about it is that I can’t wear my glasses with it, which isn’t a big deal at all but I like to have the option, and I feel like I have a big nose at the best of times; the way this muzzles frames my nose just exemplifies that for me. I like how delightfully cruel man makes me feel when I wear this, but for the most part I think I’d rather put it on someone else.

Clearly I need to get my hands on the vondage and silicone wrist cuffs, the strap-on harness, polyfleece-lined blindfold, and leash, and the silicone bit and ball gags. And I will also eagerly await them expanding these two lines to include smaller items, and a wider range of them. Hey – maybe they’ll even release some impact toys made out of one/both of these materials!

Check out their Silicone and Vondage lines and pick up some goodies today!


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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.