The Best Of: July

July was a little bit slow on my end but despite that, some noteworthy things happened…

Sex/Kink/Public Nudity

The month started off with my dominant in town. As you may know, I only get to see him 3-4 times a year, so understandably his visits are always a highlight for me.

While he was here, we visited a bathhouse dungeon a couple of times with a bag full of toys to use on me while I was tied to a cross; leaving my ass VERY bruised. I also had the pleasure of giving him blowjobs all over the bathhouse and also in the leather bar’s backroom, both with a nice audience appreciating my efforts. Few things turn me on more than being (consensually) watched, as if this surprises any of you at all, so I had a blast.

I also ran into a friend from high school while at the bar? It was a bit strange.

During my dom’s visit we also made a trip to Hanlan’s Point, Toronto’s nude beach, with some friends of mine. As always, I was more than happy to strip down and enjoy the sun for a few hours!

At the end of the visit, he gifted me with a gorgeous collar. I don’t have sufficient words to describe how much I love this, so I’m going to just leave it at that.
My Collar

Technically this happened at the verrrryyyyy end of last June but I didn’t mention it then so I’m saying it now: I got paid in gold and silver! It was hilarious and fun and eight weeks in the making, but I got my precious metals and a damn good story!

I also was incredibly lucky and got to enjoy my first threesome with another SP this month! A client of mine booked a two-hour session with myself and the gorgeous Dillan Wolfe on the Toronto portion of her tour. She is such a lovely person and a blast to work with. It was a sweet, goofy session, and we barely fought over who got to blow the client. Barely.
Gents – it’s really difficult booking two SPs who both have a love for giving head, trust me!


Tell Me Something Good came back! It was on hiatus for a while as they attempted to find a new venue, so I was so excited to be able to attend it this month in its new location. For those who don’t know, Tell Me Something Good is “a live sexy storytelling event in Toronto and an occasional Swingset.FM podcast, both created and organized by Sophie Delancey and Samantha Fraser“.

I got there about 3/4 of the way through because I had a family engagement in Niagara Falls earlier that day, but it was early enough that I got to see some of my favourite people and talk with Suz about dumping boys who don’t make you feel wonderful and also encourage her to go out and find someone cute to bang.

I also got the chance to talk with Domino Bay for his podcast Let’s Play Dominos. You can find the recording here!

And finally, I bought my ticket to Woodhull! I didn’t think I’d be able to attend but am so very excited that I was wrong. I’ll be rooming with the stunning Polly, and will get a chance to meet so many of the bloggers I know online as well as company reps! It’ll be my first time attending and I don’t even slightly know which panels I’m going to attend because 99% of them sound amazing to me!


Bex was in town! We caught Pokemon, went shopping for boy underwear and wrestling gear, ate so much food, hung out with Kate a lot, and made some porn.

Bex performs under the name Kinzie Fire and I had the incredible pleasure of watching them roll around with fellow porn babe Malcolm Lovejoy. There was oral aplenty, spanking, fingering, sweat, PIV, and such incredible chemistry – the two of them were making out and grinding up on each other before I could even turn my camera on!

Malcolm and Kinzie
How are they so cute?! This was taken just after their post-porn showers.

My video editor and I have been going through my backlog of videos and polishing everything up, prepping it to go live on the site. At his prompting, we created this cute little logo animation that will go at the beginning of every video; take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below!

We’ve really put a lot of work into the “look” of the videos/content. I’m really, really hoping that I’ll be able to launch soon. Cross your fingers for me…!

What were some of the highlights of your month? Leave a comment to let me know!