The Best of: June

Toy Things

    Weal and Breach Paddle

  • I only got one sex toy this month – the Weal & Breach Nº 2552 paddle (the blade of the paddle is made of osage orange wood and the handle is bloodwood so it’s verrryyyyy heavy), and one lube, an 8oz bottle of Sutil. I’m waiting on a very exciting package from Stockroom that I was hoping I would get in time to excitedly tell everyone about it here, but it look like that’ll have to wait a month…
  • What are my top three most wanted toys?

    1. Fun Factory Buck Dich Paddle
      I have been lusting after this since November, but the Nookie sells it now so I keep seeing it in person and my lust is on high. Great-looking insertable handle, paddle with different textures on each side, 100% silicone. Unfffff!
    2. Electrastim Electro Paddle
      Eeeeeeelectrooooooo paaaaaaaadddddllllleeeeee *swoon*
    3. Tantus Echo Super Soft
      I liked my Echo, but it wasn’t a toy I would use very often, due to how firm the material is and how big the texture is (which is why I gave mine away). But the super soft would fix that! PLUS, look at how gorgeous the wine colour is!
  • I updated my sex toy wishlist! It’s a little ridiculous now haha.
    My affiliate store La Petite Mort is now closed – my current Canadian affiliates are Come as You Are and Luxurious Bliss. I will be going through old posts and removing LPM links soon.
  • I’ve also added Mr S Leather to my affiliates! You’ll be seeing their image in the sidebar soon.
  • My reviews of the Tantus Rumble and the We-Vibe Nova came out! (Tl;dr – I didn’t mind the Rumble but was super let down by the Nova)

Sex Things

  • My sexual highlights this month included some exceptional make outs, as well as public (consensual) kink.
  • Two of the public kink occasions took place at workshops that I was leading, one of them happened in a bar’s backroom, two of them took place in coffee shops.
  • I finally got to hook up with someone I’ve been having scheduling issues with for about a year, and it was SO good. I took my first cock since surgery, which was pretty damn exciting! Hopefully there will be more of that soon.

Work Things

Random Things

    Up North

  • I spent the first couple weeks of June waaaay up north in the middle of nowhere, with no internet access. It was really gorgeous and relaxing up there….
  • …and I befriended some giant dogs!
  • I learned how to make jam! I’m super proud of this
  • I’ve decided that I’m wearing short shorts every. single. day. And I look damn good doing it!
  • Instagram banned me again. I’m pretty mad about this.
  • Toronto Pride happened, which was challenging to navigate with a cane. But it also means that my dominant is in town, and I haven’t seen him since Christmas, so I’m really enjoying getting a chance to reconnect in person.
  • The fundraiser to get Insert Trans Here and I to Woodhull: Sexual Freedom Summit (SFS) is still going, and there is now a new fundraiser to get three sex bloggers of colour (Victoria of Pretty Pink Lotus Bud , Rae of The Notice, and Carly of Dildo or DilDon’t) there as well! Share and donate as much as possible to help trans bloggers and bloggers of colour further our careers!

How was your June? Let me know in the comments!