The Best Of: October

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

I hope everyone has their costumes ready for Tuesday night (and/or the parties this weekend). I’m not sure yet what I’ll dress as, but I suspect it’ll probably be a revamp of last year’s fox costume…possibly with half the layers as it’s still pretty warm out!

I am publishing my monthly recap early this month as I have a Halloween-specific post planned for Monday.

Sex Things

  • What did I use the most this month? That’d be my Sheets of San Fransisco’s Funsheet Plus Flat Sheet, PalmPower Recharge, and the new Hole Punch Toys Butnick (vaginally).
  • I had two kinky threesomes where I co-dommed someone! It was delightful playing with the other dominant, and I had never co-dommed before, which was a fun new first.
  • I also got a chance to play with a longtime friend of mine – high pain tolerance, preference for stingy pain, and enjoys sharps. Yes please!
  • Things went up my butt a lot more often that they normally do (mostly the CalExotics Booty Call Booty Rocker, which I’m delighted by so far), I wore gags and hoods a lot, and spent a lot of time asking permission to orgasm because silly me has given someone else control over my (non professional) orgasms.
  • Taylor lies on their back on their bed, legs raised in the air. Their legs, chest, and waist and ornately tied up in rope.

  • I blacked my boots for the first time, confirming what tiny, tiny doubt I had on if I switched for this kink or not. Yep, I most certainly do. Turns out that boot blacking (and caring for gear in general) is about as satisfying to me as having an orgasm, which is delightful knowledge
  • I didn’t do a whole lot of rope, but I did get a couple fun ties done with my new Twisted Monk rope.
  • I got to smooch Sporty n Charge! (SWOON)

Work and Toy Things

Misc Things

  • I traveled a bit this month as it was both Canadian Thanksgiving and my grandma’s 90th birthday. While on my travels, I worked on my selfie skills with my DSLR camera!
  • This month featured some of my best butt pictures to date, and that’s obviously super important to me. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!
  • I also had some delightfully tall hair and several killer outfits, usually involving pleather.

Basically, October was a month for kink things, and I couldn’t be happier!

What did you get up to this October? What are your Halloween plans?