The Best Of: September

September was busy as hell for me, in a mostly-good way.


  • It started with an intense three weeks of travel, where I visited 10 cities, attended and/or participated in 5 conferences, ran/helped run three workshops/talks, and was the dungeon monitor at one play party.
  • I kicked off this travel with my first Dark Odyssey event, Summer Camp, with Bex, Mr Blk, and Ms Pomegranate. In typical Taylor fashion, I had the next three weeks of my life very loosely planned, and thus fumbled from place to place, yet somehow managed to get everywhere more or less okay.
  • Next was Philadelphia for the Philly Trans Health Conference, where I presented my Playful Domination class, which was met with a full house and, while intimidating as hell, was exhilarating and went very well.
  • A more extensive post on both of these conferences is to come!

  • After the PTHC, I was off to Iowa for a few days with Andrew Gurza to assist him with a talk he gave on queerness, sex, and disability. We were goofy in a Target and I got to enjoy one of the most luxurious bath tubs I’ve ever seen!
  • And then, I was home. Blessed home.


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How was your September? Let me know in the comments!