Where to Shop

Want to get some sex toys? You’ve come to the right place! This page is devoted to my favourite stores and manufacturers so you can get quality toys! Please clear your cookies and cache as this page uses affiliate links (which cost you nothing while also supporting my site).

Come as You Are

Come as You Are is a sex toy co-op in Toronto, Canada (online only). They are anti-capitalist and feminist, have some great core values, and are devoted to sex/sex toy accessibility. Browse their toy selection, my favourites, toys made in Canada, their sales, or their new toys!

Good Vibrations

Founded in 1977, GoodVibes has a great selection of toys, books, articles, and more! They have some useful guides for trans men; people with disabilities; and older folks. They also have a sales page!


Stockroom is my favourite place to shop for kink products. They are so amazingly stocked and their products are of a great quality!If you’re vegan, they have a line of vegan leather bondage gear and another of silicone bondage products! They also have daily deals – at least 25% off of two items every 24 hours – as well as an outlet store, which is up to 70% off!


In case you can’t tell from my toy collection and wishlist, I am a big fan of Tantus. Their dual density silicone feels absolutely amazing, and they now have an even softer silicone line that’s coming out – their super soft silicone. They also have a really well-stocked sales page!


This site is an amazing educational resource or, for those in the UK, a great site to buy kink products from! They are equally well-stocked as Stockroom. Check out their sales page as well as their offers page if you want deals. They also have some fun guides such as the “What kink should I try next?” one for those who want inspiration.

Luxurious Bliss

This is a Canadian company that focuses on leather, wood, and lace BDSM toys/gear, though that’s not all they sell! They have smaller selection than Stockroom or UberKinky, but their products are high-quality and pretty. Check out their under $10 section and their clearance section!

Extreme Restraints

Extreme Restraints has a surprising number of pages dedicated to sales. They have their daily deals (25% or more off of one product every day), sales page (up to 65% off), overstock items, clearance items, first time buyer promotion, and even free sex toys!

Twisted Monk

Looking for some beautiful, trustworthy rope? Twisted Monk is essentially the best and only place for that! You should definitely check out their monthly limited-edition rope colours and other goodies that you should check out while you can! The monthly rope tends to sell out quickly, so keep an eye out if you want to get any – 10% of proceeds the Colours of the Month go to charity, each month going to a different cause.

All rope is ethically sourced, fully conditioned and ready to use. They cut each rope to order, and hand finish them with their trademark bomb-proof whipping in black. Their hemp is processed with vegan, allergen free oils.


SheVibe is a US-based distributor that sells a very wide-range of products and have some pretty cool comics on their site. Beware of the Pipedream/Fetish Fantasy items that are stocked, enjoy the rest! They have a rotating selection of sale toys, too!


They have a promotions and savings page that has a lot of different links to go through (please keep an eye out for jelly toys and avoid them!), and a general sale page of up to 70% off.

Lovehoney has some great Deals of the Day, where one product has a strong discount for 24 hours!

Mr S Leather

One of the leading names in fetish gear and toys, Mr S is known for their leather, neoprene, and rubber gear that is made in-house. There be penises and buttholes if you go to their site, as a warning. They have some sales that you can check out!


Explicit links in this section too, friends!
MEO is a German kink company with a fairly diverse range of kink toys/gear, and two different sales sections! First is their Special Offers section and next is the Promos section!

NOTE: MEO, like some other companies, enjoys labeling toys in weird ways. In MEO’s case, this means labeling things as “Dr Sado” branded. As far as I can tell, Dr Sado is completely non-existent outside of MEO’s site, and is not actually an in-house brand, but rather a re-labeling of other products. For instance, this ball crusher is actually made by Zeus Electrosex (when I ordered this, it came in the proper Zeus packaging and everything), even though MEO doesn’t write that anywhere on the site. Keep this in mind when shopping!

Curious about current sales? Visit my sales page.