September Spotlight: Helen’s Toy Box

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Helen’s Toy Box (Blog)

logo for Helen's Toy Box featuring two human-ish outlines with stickers on the spots where their chests and genitals are. They are surrounded by start stickersHelen’s Toy Box is run by Bianca, a kinky, blind, polyamorous cis woman over in Germany. She is one of the only blind sex bloggers currently (to my knowledge), and covers a wide-range of topics from reviews to introspection, erotica, accessibility rants and education, pieces on synesthesia, being a  phone sex worker, and more!

She covers topics such as decentering PIV sex and how she responds to fatphobia, both topics that I always want to see covered about twenty million times more than they are already as they are incredibly important.

Her reviews not only discuss the products themselves, but the visual accessibility of the store’s website, which is an incredibly useful piece for other folx to be aware of. Check out her review of the Servant Sex Toys’ Lune for an example of how this looks in practice!

Her pieces on sex work are particularly interesting to me (shocker, I know); especially her piece on the inaccessibility of porn and other types of visual-based sex work and things they don’t tell you about being a phone sex operator – which has a large overlap to my experience in other areas of sex work, though not completely the same.

One thing that makes her site different than a bunch of others is the lack of photos. Most sex blogs are littered with images in the essays and reviews that the blogger took; Bianca’s is not. Her site includes some photos provided by the company for reviews, but it’s understandably a predominantly text-based site.

Check out her site or find her on twitter!

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