October Spotlight: Risque Views

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Risque Views (Blog)

A pair of pink lipsticked lips above pink writing saying "RisqueViews: Real life views & sex toy reviews"Risque Views is run by Zara, an educator based out of Australia. Her site focuses on toy reviews, sex ed, personal essays (mainly covering difficulty orgasming and mental health), erotic fiction, and various sexuality-related blogging memes such as Kink of the Week (I love her primer on phone sex), Sinful Sundays, Naughty Nudes, and TMI Tuesday.

Her personal essays on mutual masturbation and her difficulty orgasming, the death of an abusive ex, and her anxiety (especially in relation to her sex ed work) are three of my favourites – not all topics I can relate to, but all well-written pieces that help me see where Zara is coming from and learn about that experience.

As you may know, I rarely get excited about reviews, but I’m oddly fascinated by reviews of menstrual cups, even now that these products aren’t of use to me. I don’t know what it is – keeping up-to-date on what I could recommend to other trans masc folks (especially ones who dislike the Diva Cup’s marketing)? Morbid curiosity? Wanting to see how other bloggers write about “women’s” issues like this? I’m honestly not sure. But Zara’s reviews of the Diva and Fun Cups are to-the-point, informative, and free of any gendered language around people who menstruate – the Diva Cup review especially has some useful information about picking the correct sized cup if you’ve given birth! Don’t like blood? Don’t worry, there are no gory details or photos to be found here.

You can find Risque Views on her website, twitter, facebook, instagram, and tumblr. Make sure to follow and leave a comment if you like what you read!

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