Here Cums Santa Claus…

Like all good perverts, I enjoy looking back on things from my childhood and projecting kink onto them. That’s not to say I never had a kinky fantasy back then, but I think anyone who knew me even five years ago can attest that the depth and breadth of said fantasies has grown exponentially since then.

And yet despite my sexual and romantic preferences, the thought of Santa, let alone having a Santa fetish, had never even slightly crossed my mind until recently, when my pal Bex tagged me in a tweet about it, asking if I fit the bill to talk Santa sex on a podcast. My initial response was that no, no that isn’t me. But then I thought about it for a few more minutes and am seriously rethinking my initial reaction, which lead me to eventually go on the podcast, interview for a UK newspaper, and write this post. And it’s all Bex’ fault.

An exceptionally adorable older man with a pure white beard and mustache poses outdoors by the water. He is wearing dark glasses, a Santa hat, and a red and black oversized plaid coat, and he looks just like Santa. He is smiling with both his mouth and his eyes, and looks like someone who is laid-back and happy the majority of the time.
Look at this freaking adorable face! How could you not want to smooch it??

Thinking about Bex’ question made me realize that I don’t think I have a Santa fetish…but now that it’s on my radar I will probably develop one. Not only do I love men who happen to look like Santa, but let’s be honest here, Santa is pretty much the perfect Daddy Dom (for me).

My type of man, my type of kink.

When it comes to the type of men I like, I have a strong preference for bears, and silver bears are even better. I love the strength that bears have, their mix of tough and soft. I love men who know how to laugh and have fun, ones who can take and give a joke.

In terms of my submission, I enjoy having to earn things. I want to work to deserve rewards or to hear the dominant call me a good boy. I like playing with Sirs, Daddys, or Dads (also dominants of all other genders, but I’m focusing on the male ones for this piece). I love self-improvement kink and strict but nurturing dominants – I’m all for Daddy Doms! I have a strong preference for 24/7 dynamics; I like belonging to someone and giving them control whenever they choose; knowing that I must keep their wants and needs in mind at all times because they may call on me at any moment. What do I mean by 24/7 dynamic? To put it simply, I mean that our entire relationship is built on the consensual agreement that they are in a position of power above me, at all times, even when we are not in a scene or when we are face-to-face.

A very thin person sits on an oversized, ornate red chair. They are dressed like Him from The Powerpuff Girls; wearing black shiny shoes, black tights, and a short Santa dress that is belted very tightly around their waist. They have a Santa hat on, their face is made up to look like a devil, and they have large red crab-like claws over their hands.
Some Santas are very devilish…

So now you know what and who I like – what is it about Santa Claus??

Simply put, Santa is the perfect Daddy Dom, in my humble opinion.

There is something paternal about Santa; something loving and doting, cheerful and playful. And yet you cannot deny that he’s also strict and kiiiiinda controlling; he watches us every minute, even when we aren’t awake, and keeps track of all the good and bad we do in order to punish or reward us based on our behaviour – sounds like a 24/7 D/s dynamic to me. He is a delicious mixture of masculine energy and nurturing dominant; he knows how to pick punishments that are geared to help his naughty boys and girls improve themselves.

The idea of “Santa” takes my favourite physical traits and favourite personality traits and combines them. He also manages to portray some of my favourite ways for a man to be dominant. Plus, you get presents, and I like getting gifts – I’m very an incredibly spoiled boy.

A topless man sits in an electric wheelchair. He is pictured from the waist up, the tops of his grey sweatpants barely showing, an is wearing a black x shaped leather chest harness with white piping. He is also wearing a black leather collar that is attached to the center of the harness with metal clips. He has a big grin on his face, tongue poking out from between his teeth, a Santa hat that says "Ho Ho Ho" on his head, and in his right hand he's holding a large red dildo.
Others are a little bit more playful (featuring Andrew Gurza)!

And don’t even get me started on the fact that Santa sneaks into your house when you’re asleep, that you’re supposed to sit on his lap and tell you what you want, that he employs (enslaves?) a bunch of androgynous elves to assist with his plots…!

So, I may not have a Santa fetish yet…but I definitely see why other people do! And I’d be willing to bet that when Christmas 2018 rolls around, my vote may have shifted even further toward “yes, I have that fetish”.

What about you? Do you like Santa; why or why not? What’s your favourite Santa Claus fantasy? Do you prefer eating his cookies, or swallowing his milk? Would you let him slide into your chimney when you’re asleep? Are you eager to sit on his lap and tell him exaaaaactly what you want from him? Do you delight in the Santa puns that I’m making, or do you want me to stuff my mouth full of candy canes and shut the heck up like a good hoe hoe hoe?


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