August Spotlight: Idols of Sheela

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Idols of Sheela (Blog)

Banner image for Idols of Sheela. There's a messy assortment of candles, rope, dildos, rocks and vibrators on a table

Idols of Sheela is a sex ed site written by Lizxnn Cobalt Chrome. Lizxnn is many things; a first-aid instructor, a certified yoga teacher, and an adult sex educator; as well as a queer, non-binary artist and witch based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s a kinky, polyamorous, and demi-sexual femme who is fascinated by “BDSM, relationship dynamics, and personal development in pleasure and awareness”. Her blog is a dedication to her path with sex and relationships, with a focus on the role that sex toys play.

When reading or watching tv, humour rarely gets more than a smirk out of me – at most there’s usually a quiet, singular chuckle – but the way that Lizxnn writes has me frequently clamping a hand over my mouth to muffle my laughter when I read it in public. I sent about ten lines of quotes from her review of the Queen Bee to my friends; I had lost it from the very first paragraph (“unfortunately, you need to do more than aim something in the general direction of a clit to get a promising reaction.”) and have never even used this toy myself. Beyond the humour, I find her photos to just be stunning (some of my favourites being Mother Interior, Fun Wand, and the Amor), and the posts themselves informative, and powerful.

Some of what she writes about I’ve never seen before, like the piece “I’ll Take it to Go“, which discusses what Lizxnn’s favourite vibrator is for her hurricane emergency bag. Others, like “Sex: How Do I Find the Map for This Journey?“, resonate in me as they talk about Lizxnn’s struggles growing up and trying to understand an existence as a non-binary and queer person and what sex meant. Others still, like her cleaning guide, are very well put-together resources on topics you’ve probably seen covered at least once before; her cleaning guide is very in-depth and detailed, I’d highly recommend looking it over! As a whole, the work found on Idols of Sheela is personal, relatable (at least for me), and engaging.

You can find Idols of Sheela on twitter or instagram.

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