Spotlight: Kelvin Sparks Reviews

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Kelvin Sparks Reviews (Blog)

A graphic of Kelvin Sparks, a white-appearing man with black hair and facial scruff, wearing a crew cut shirt. The background is lilac and covered in roses and rope.Meet Kelvin Sparks, an intersex trans man who is a sex blogger, erotica writer, and toy reviewer based in the UK. He is bisexual and predominantly dates and/or fucks other trans folks, and has a wide-range of experiences from monogamy/non-monogamy, vanilla/kink, topping/bottoming, and more. He also has worked as a sex worker in the past, which I personally would love to hear more about because I have seen so few trans men talk about that before (other than myself)!

I always find it interesting how people who belong to the same “group” are often lumped together in this industry, like we’re going to be writing about the same things. All of us bring different things to the table, whether we’re lumped together or not, and I think that’s overlooked a bit too often. It’s refreshing to me to find sites like Kelvin’s that I can direct people to when they need different resources, because everyone experiences their identities in unique ways and his work fits a very different and important need in the industry.

What do I mean by this? Well, Kelvin and I have reviewed a couple of the same things (another lover of the SpareParts Joque!), but that’s about where the overlap ends. Want info on gender-affirming products like packers and STP devices? He’s got a great selection. What about penetratables and how they work for trans men who are on T? Go to him. He’s even got a fantastic guide to contraception for folks on T, which is something that I always wished existed. Like damn it’s helpful and something that my doctors could certainly benefit from reading, not just me…..

Also um, I don’t normally care for erotica – exclusively because I don’t see myself in it even for a second – but hi hello his piece about combat boots has definitely been saved for later, and I’m going to be reading through the rest of his pieces as well because wow. It’s been a rough little while for me and that’s the first thing that’s really turned me on in a month and I honestly was not expecting to get anything out of it. I will be sharing that with a certain someone who has great boots in the near future!

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