Kink on a Budget: Wall Displays

“Martha Stewart’s sex dungeon couldn’t be better organized than this.”

This compliment thrilled me immensely.

Kink Wall DisplayI had spent the previous hour installing and organizing my newest creation – a wall display for my impact toys, CBT impediments, and a few other miscellaneous kink items – and I do so love being complimented on my efforts! What can I say? I’m vain and full of myself and like a lot of attention, so I posted a photo all over social media (facebook, instagram, and both my twitters, of course!), and the above quote was what one lovely human said in response.

When you have a small collection, it’s fairly easy to store your toys and gear in ways that are easy for you to store and still access. When your collection grows, however, it becomes harder to store them and still easily find what you’re looking for.

While my collection isn’t that large (yet), I have long since fantasized about having my mean, hurty implements displayed prominently in my bedroom but I kept putting it off because I expected this to be more money than it was actually worth.

Dollarama FindsThen the other day I went to my local Dollarama for a crafting measuring tape (to size my lover for a chastity device) and, as I searched, I stumbled upon a curtain rod for $3. It was nothing special, but the length is adjustable and the brackets looked fairly sturdy, so I added it to my basket.

I also needed something to attach my toys to the rod, so I grabbed two bags of shower curtain hooks (each bag of 12 costing $1.25). As some of my toys don’t have a handle, I also grabbed some colourful twine ($1.25).

Once home, it took me less than an hour to screw the curtain rod into my bedroom wall and hang everything up.

Tada! Now I have an attractive wall display of a lot of my toys and it cost me less than $10 for all the material!


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