Woodhull: Sexual Freedom Summit 2017

Instead of a month in review for last month (tl;dr: I got SO many toys, went back to work, and had a LOT of fun kinky sex), I’m going to tell you the 5 things I’m most excited about at this years Sexual Freedom Summit (SFS17). Y’know, the thing that I’ve been writing about once or twice lately).

    1. Connecting with others in the field.
      Fellow educators, toy makers, kinksters, and more! I am so excited to connect with folks, in whatever manner that may be. Everything from learning more rope skills from Mr Blk (I took up rope last month, btw), fisting SugarCunt, meeting aaaaalllll the folk I’ve never met before, and everything in between! SFS is a time when I get to meet/visit with/learn from so many people in my industry who I never get to see. And to be honest, it’s 99.9% of why I go to the conference at all.
    2. Workshops.
      These look pretty cool, too! I don’t yet know what ones I’m going to, but I have my eye on some on kink, polyamory, femmeness, and mental health. Shocker, right?
    3. A photo composed of three frames; all three comprised of close up images of Taylor's thighs and butt, clad just in a small navy bathing suit with white piping.

    4. Wearing my tiny little bathing suit in the pool!
    5. Meet n Greet
      I’m going to be doing a little 15 minute talk about sex blogging and the law at the Digital Creators Meet n Greet, which is the first time I’ll have given a talk about law a) outside of Canada, and b) to such a large group, so that’ll be interesting! (My lawyer-boy is reading this and beaming, I’m sure!)
    6. Getting to hole up in a nice little trans and nonbinary bubble.
      The cis folk in my life have really not been behaving well lately, y’all. I am so happy that I’ll be able to spend some time away from all that garbage and instead, spend time with some truly wonderful trans people who will help me feel more like myself again, which I really need right now.

    Are you going to be there? What are you looking forward to? If you are there, say hi! I’ll be androgynous redhead, probably wearing too little clothing and shivering slightly. Because I followed my own advice in the conference survival guide that I wrote…….No. I didn’t. I did NOT bring a sweater. I did bring a button-up shirt, but that’s for kink purposes, obviously.


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