Six SFW Stocking Stuffers for Kinksters

Gift giving can be hard! Finding gifts for the kinksters in your life that they’ll both appreciate and be able to open in front of their family just adds to the challenge, unless you want to buy them pervertables like wooden cooking spoons or shoe horns, but it’s far from impossible!

Behold, six delightfully kinky gift ideas that will fly under the radar in mixed company!

    A closeup of someone's butt. A wallet is sticking out of their pocket with a red hanky code pattern on it

  1. Hanky Wallet
    This is both a functional wallet and a flagging accessory! I happen to wear my wallet on my left side, which is good as I want this one in red!
  2. The Bandanna Bowtie
    Following the theme, this cute bowtie comes in all sorts of colours for flagging purposes, too! I’ll take them in grey, black, and pink, please.
  3. Literally Anything by Unbound
    This company makes some delightful jewelry pieces that double as kink gear! The have necklaces that can be whips, earrings that can be nipple clamps, bracelets that are actually handcuffs, and more!
  4. Bondage Wistcuffs
    Unicorn Collaborators makes some pretty cute leather bracelets that can be used as wrist cuffs! When used on one wrist, they completely pass as bracelets, unless the person looking at you is also kinky!
  5. A bondage belt connects Taylor's wrists to their neck, one on each side of their head. They are topless and leaning in toward the camera, shown from the chest up. They are wearing glasses and looking stern.
    One way to use the bondage belt.
  6. A Bondage Belt
    These puppies work great as belts, and they can also be used to restrain your ankles, wrists, wrists to head, etc. So many possibilities! If you’re gifting to someone who prefers more bold accessories, there are other styles (which are used differently)!
  7. Shoe Care Products
    It’s good to take care of your boots, even if you aren’t kinky! If you are, however, that “taking care of your boots” can take a whole different meaning. Boot blacks, boot worshipers, and any kinkster who likes to look sharp will love this gift! …or just get them a giftcard to a Doc Martens store, let’s be real.

Pleather or leather jackets and boots are obviously on the list as well, which I’m sure everyone thought of on their own
I’m not even going to list p/leather jackets or boots, those are just a given.

What’s on your SFW kinky wishlist this winter?


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