July Spotlight: The Siren

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The Siren (Blog)

Siren Vandoll has been in the industry since 2014 running workshops and sessions at various universities and events. As such, you may be curious as to why I’m including her in a feature that’s specifically for newbies?

Well! In January of 2017, the Siren launched the blog side of her website which features reviews, journal entries, and thought pieces!

Banner image saying "The Siren" in red with a riding crop diagonally intersecting the words

She is currently averaging about one post a month on topics relating to BDSM, sensual self-empowerment, non-monogamous relationships, positive consent, non-binary advocacy and queer kink.

The Siren has pieces on how her feminism has and is evolving, and how she orgasms through literally everything no matter what; which is going to become a mini-series on the markers of ‘good sex’ with partners, and the second addressing the same in sex toys (both personally and in general). I’m pretty interested to read her thoughts on that!

You will have to magnify her site to read it; unfortunately the font is quite small (especially in the menu bar), but it’s worth it!

Check out her site, find her on twitter, instagram, or facebook!

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